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A expert guide how to grow cannabis with that covers the most advanced techniques for cannabis growing.

Many things can affect your grow of the cannabis plant. Feminized seeds can save you the time and expenses of sexing the plant resulting in shorter grow times and less materials used. One thing that can affect your grow (and especially your feminized cannabis plants) is hermaphrodites. What are hermaphrodites? Hermaphrodite Definition: noun (1) an organism (plant or animal) having both male and female reproductive organs. (2) An organism having both male and female organs. Therefore, is capable of producing both male and female gametes. Sometimes the cannabis plant will produce male organs on a female plant. This can infrequently happen...
Medical Marijuana Essential Nutrients When growing medical marijuana, plant nutrition is essential to know for overall plant health and growth. Nutrition is defined as the process of producing food. Minerals are required by plants for various synthetic activities and production of energy, which are called nutrients. Medical marijuana plants require different elements for their growth and development these are called mineral nutrients. Soil or the grow medium is the source of the mineral nutrients and plants absorb these by their roots. There are sixteen elements that are essential for normal healthy growth of medical marijuana. It was found that plants contain...
Sea Of Green, abbreviated SOG, is that you usually put between 16 to 25 plants few plants on 1 square metre. This commercial method of growing is mainly done by using slabs (hydroponic system). Often plants are put on 12 hours light/12 hours of darkness schedule straight away, because they need to stay short and compact. Putting them straight away on a cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness can cause stress. Hence it is of paramount importance to have stable genetics that can cope with stress. More information: about sea of green set-up....
Intentional bending of branches to create a bushier plant with more buds. Start to supercrop once the plants have reached the height of about a foot (30-40cm). Take branches that are stretching between nodes and gently take the branch between thumb and index finger, squeeze gently until you hear a crunching sound. So it will bend easily without breaking. This does require practice. If done too hard the tissue of the plant might not be able to heal. If you haven’t bended it hard enough it will return upright within a few hours. You might see a crack in the outside bark,...
The medical marijuana plant requires certain environmental conditions to thrive. The environmental conditions the medical marijuana plant requires are overall air quality, light, temperature, and humidity. The environmental conditions vary with each stage of growth and depend on the medical marijuana strains preference. Different varieties prefer different environmental conditions. Seed selection plays a role in the environmental conditions of the grow room. It is important to choose high quality genetics from a reputable seed bank such as Spliff Seeds. It’s always best to read the seed packet and research the strains and pay attention to the ideal environmental conditions the strains...
There are two known, proven methods to feminize seeds. Both have their advantages. In general using acid provides more stable seeds, but it is much more difficult. To be able to work with GA3 you would have to have a solid chemistry background. Gibberellic Acid-3 (GA-3) is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator which may cause a variety of effects including the stimulation of seed germination in some cases. GA-3 occurs naturally in the seeds of many species and is produced commercially by growing Gibberella fujikuroi fungus cultures in vats, then extracting and purifying the GA-3. A great deal of research...
What Is Light Deprivation? When growing Marijuana outdoors, the use of light deprivation techniques can allow a grower to control the number of hours of light the plant will receive. Depriving the plants of light is something that can be incorporated when there are more than 12 hours of available daylight per day. By tricking the plant into thinking that the long summer days are over and the short light periods are beginning you can speed up the flowering process. This means that even if you are growing Marijuana outdoors, you can harvest late blooming plants before the autumn weather arrives....
Deep down within the soil there is a whole world of beneficial microbes that consists of bacteria and fungi that work in harmony to aid Cannabis nutrition. Under a microscope, microbes can clearly be seen operating within the soil and can be seen multiplying from millions to billions. Just Like The Rain Forest The enormous rain forest is a perfect example of how microbes work in a large scale community. Every root base of every tree and plant is connected by a web microbes that consists of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Trichoderma is the most commonly found fungus and is present in...
Many growers don’t care much about the genetics of their crop, and simply want a high yield every grow. This can be achieved by growing from both cannabis seeds or cannabis clones. For more predictability and to avoid buying new cannabis seeds every grow cannabis clones are a great choice. The decision between growing from cannabis clones or seeds depends on what level of grower you are and what setup you want to run. Also check out our guide on the differences between growing from cannabis clones and seeds if you haven't decided on either method yet. First of all, where...
The roots of a cannabis plant are the main reason why growers experience huge yields, small yields or suffer from problems with nutrient buildup. It is common practice for many growers to plant their seed or clone and allow the roots to become root bound. The grower will check for roots growing out the bottom of the pot and transplant the cannabis plant to a larger pot once they do. How Does Air Pruning Work? When a shoot of a cannabis plant is pinched out, two new shoots form and grow in the place of the old one. Many growers really...
  • acid
    A pH level below 7. It is often referred to as sour.
  • aeration
    Refers to supplying a sufficient amount of oxygen to the roots of a plant. 
  • aeroponics
    A method of growing where the roots are suspended in the air in an enclosed chamber where there is a
  • alkaline
    A pH level above 7. It is often referred to as sweet.
  • anaerobic conditions
    Is caused by an inadequate supply of oxygen needed by the roots of a plant, which results in suffoca
  • Aquaponics
    A method of growing using fish waste as food for the plants. Special food is given to the fish who t
  • Aroma
    Describes the smell and how aromatic something is. For example Super Skunk has a very powerful aroma
  • autoflowering
    A plant is autoflowering if it switches to flowering based on its age, as opposed to making the swit
  • auxin
    Are the hormones that regulate the growth of plants and is responsiple for root enlongation and foli
  • B.H.O
    Butane Honey Oil is a method of extraction, where butane is used to strip the plant matter of all tr
  • backcrossing
    Mating a parent plant with a its subsequent lineage.
  • beneficial insect
    Is an inscet that benefits the garden by aiding in pollenation and consuming pest.
  • breeding
    The process of crossing male pollen with a female flower. Pollination can occur naturally or done by
  • bubble bags
    Usually a 5 part system that consists of 35 micron to 250 micron screens. Using the frozen trim and
  • bubble hash
    A method of producing extract with ice and sugar leaf trim. Using various micron sized screens, all
  • buds
    Buds are the flowers that are harvested when the leaves are removed and left to dry. Cannabis buds a
  • buffer
    Resists changes in the pH of a solution. Every buffer has a buffer capacity and buffer range.
  • buffer capacity
    Is the amount of acid or base that can be added before the pH begins to change.
  • calyx
    Is the seed pod in the female flower. It consists of ovule and two pisitils, which is the reproducti
  • cannabinoids
    Within the trichome contains many cannabinoids. We are familiar with THC being the psychoactive elem
  • cannabis
    Cannabis flowers are a part of the cannabis plant what can be dried and smoked or eaten. The cannabi
  • cannabis
    Cannabis plants are Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. Cannabis plants are found outdoor all over the wor
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