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Term Definition
Glossaries: cannabis

A pH level below 7. It is often referred to as sour.

Glossaries: cannabis

Refers to supplying a sufficient amount of oxygen to the roots of a plant. 

Glossaries: cannabis

A method of growing where the roots are suspended in the air in an enclosed chamber where there is a continuous fine mist of water that sprays the roots.

Glossaries: cannabis

A pH level above 7. It is often referred to as sweet.

anaerobic conditions
Glossaries: cannabis

Is caused by an inadequate supply of oxygen needed by the roots of a plant, which results in suffocation and death.

Glossaries: cannabis

A method of growing using fish waste as food for the plants. Special food is given to the fish who then supply nutrients back to the system. Considered a super organic way of growing.

Glossaries: cannabis

Describes the smell and how aromatic something is. For example Super Skunk has a very powerful aroma and can be smelt from a distance. The aroma can describe how fruity or sour or earth something is.

Glossaries: cannabis

A plant is autoflowering if it switches to flowering based on its age, as opposed to making the switch when summer days turn into 12 hour fall nights. Cannabis Ruderalis provides the Autoflowering morphology to cannabis phenotypes.

Glossaries: cannabis

Are the hormones that regulate the growth of plants and is responsiple for root enlongation and foliage growth.

Glossaries: cannabis

Butane Honey Oil is a method of extraction, where butane is used to strip the plant matter of all trichomes. The butane is then purged out to leave behind a layer of pure oil within a Pyrex basin.

Glossaries: cannabis

Mating a parent plant with a its subsequent lineage.

beneficial insect
Glossaries: cannabis

Is an inscet that benefits the garden by aiding in pollenation and consuming pest.

Glossaries: cannabis

The process of crossing male pollen with a female flower. Pollination can occur naturally or done by hand. As a result, the female plant produces seeds that display traits of the mother and father plants used.

bubble bags
Glossaries: cannabis

Usually a 5 part system that consists of 35 micron to 250 micron screens. Using the frozen trim and ice, the trim is then separated and what is left behind on the screen is usually high grade concentrate.

bubble hash
Glossaries: cannabis

A method of producing extract with ice and sugar leaf trim. Using various micron sized screens, all the remaining trichomes and oil are extracted in a wet method.

Glossaries: cannabis

Buds are the flowers that are harvested when the leaves are removed and left to dry. Cannabis buds are different shapes and sizes and different tastes and smells. It is the bud that contains trichomes and THC and is what is smoked.

Glossaries: cannabis

Resists changes in the pH of a solution. Every buffer has a buffer capacity and buffer range.

buffer capacity
Glossaries: cannabis

Is the amount of acid or base that can be added before the pH begins to change.

Glossaries: cannabis

Is the seed pod in the female flower. It consists of ovule and two pisitils, which is the reproductive site of the flower. 

Glossaries: cannabis

Within the trichome contains many cannabinoids. We are familiar with THC being the psychoactive element in Cannabis. Cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBC, CBL and so on interact with the human body in many ways.

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