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A guide for beginners how you can grow cannabis.

Identifying Males and Females from Marijuana Seeds When Growing marijuana seeds there is a chance it could be female or male, you can increase your odds for females if the growing conditions are optimal. After planting marijuana seeds and letting the plants vegetate for a while, the next step is to determine the sex of the plants also known as sexing. Determining the sex of a plant can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. It is best to determine the sex as early as possible. Determining a plants sex protects against unwanted pollination resulting in marijuana seeds....
Growing marijuana made easy with this step-by-step growing marijuana guide. 1. Growing Marijuana; Seed Selection You’ve decided to grow your own. So here is a step-by-step growing marijuana guide to get you started. To find the variety of your choice you’re faced with some important decisions. Most important, obviously, is where you are gonna grow; Indoor or Outdoor. In choosing your variety for Outdoor you are restricted by the weather conditions. Plants that you’re able to grow outdoor in more southern countries, will not be ready in time in Holland. Growing Marijuana; Other deciding factors are: Indica or Sativa? Experience level? (avoid difficult...
For every grower from beginner to expert, drying and curing cannabis buds is the end result of months of hard work. From germinating those precious seeds to chopping branches, there is nothing a grower looks forward to more than enjoying the fruits of their labour. By this point, your plants will be the smelliest they can be and are now fully ripe and you are ready for drying cannabis buds. Your flowers will be silver with trichomes and be super sticky to touch. 90% of the pistils have now turned to a dark golden brown and each calyx has swollen to...
Growing Marijuana Seeds As marijuana growers we all have to make decisions in the garden. One question is what to grow from? Seed or clone. Which one do you have access to? Planting from marijuana seed or clone is a choice all growers have to make. With seeds you have to preserve time and a little more labor whereas, clones have their own conditions. What are the differences between growing marijuana seeds and clones? Discussed below are the advantages and disadvantages of growing marijuana from seeds and clones. Buying Marijuana Seeds  Marijuana seeds have more advantages and fewer disadvantages than clones....
This time we're going to show you how to germinate marijuana seeds. We produce the highest quality of marijuana seeds at Spliff. We do this with the utmost care, love and precision and because we like to see our children fare well after they have left the parental home so to speak, we are going to teach you about four different methods of germinating. Germinating marijuana seeds directly into the ground It’s mother nature’s way and it might be the simplest way to germinate marijuana seeds. Advantage to this approach is that you can not damage the roots when planting the...
We will only discuss our preferred method of germinating a cannabis seed. Place two sheets of kitchen paper in between two plates (one upside down on top of the other). This is to avoid any light from entering. Cannabis seeds when germinating should not be exposed to light. Put the seeds in between the two sheets of kitchen paper and moisten both papers. Use a spraycan with lukewarm water to moisten them and keep the sheets moist continuously. Check if the seeds are moist enough and to see if there’s any progress twice a day. Morning and night. Keep the seeds...
FOR BEGINNER AND MORE ADVANCED GROWER. AS A BEGINNER; KEEP IT SIMPLE! As a beginner you should try to keep it simple. Once you’ve gained experience you can always start working with specific boosters, new growing systems and use different substrates, such as; rockwool or coco. All, of course, to enhance the overall quality and yield of your grow. There are a few essentials you should buy before beginning to cultivate. A PH meter, for one, you need to gauge the PH of everytime you water the plants. We also advise you to buy a tensiometer, so can determine exactly when...
A very important step in a successful harvest of the cannabis plant is trimming marijuana during flowering. It is vital to trim marijuana properly so the flowers can cure correctly and insures that optimal potency of the cannabis plant. There are several methods of achieving good outcomes on the final product. Some people prefer hand trimming marijuana flowers and some people use automatic trimmers. Whatever trims your marijuana, you want it to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. When is the right time for trimming marijuana plants? Finding the right time to start trimming marijuana is fairly easy but you need a...
We have classified Europe into three zones (A,B and C). On the basis of the duration of flowering you can estimate whether a strain will be suitable for growing outdoors in your region. We would strongly like emphasize this is merely indicatory, because not every strain is suitable for outdoors....
White widow is regarded as head of the “White” family. It often has been used to form other ‘white strains’ or shares genetic material with other ‘white’varieties. Other denominators are that white strains are covered in trichomes, have a high THC level resulting in a powerful high.White strains are: Blue Berry, Crystal White, Snow White and White Widow....
If you keep cannabis seeds in a plastic container in the fridge you can keep them up to five years. Germination rate after 5 years will be about 80%. Optimum temperature for cannabis seeds is 4 degrees centigrade....
Growing Marijuana outdoors is one of the best pleasures in life. The local climate plays a big part along with many other variables, below is a list of key points and tips to consider when growing Marijuana outdoors. Growing Marijuana Outdoors: Location The location where you are growing marijuana seeds is a big player in the outcome of your yields. We have a clear overview on our website of which zone is most suitable for each outdoor strain and auto flowering strain. There are certain strains that are better suited for hot sunny climates and some that will perform just as...
Growing Marijuana and Bud Rot? When growing Marijuana, the aim of the game is to produce the biggest and best buds possible. Whether it has personal or commercial value, as a grower we wish to harvest the buds in a straightforward process. However, there are many potential factors that can seriously threaten a final crop and even wipe out a complete garden in less than a week. . One serious threat is a necrotrophic fungus that growers call Grey Mould or Bud Rot. The scientific name for this spore is Botrytis and it is a real problem if you don’t understand...
There are hundreds of different nutrients for growing Cannabis available online and in any good grow shop. Understanding which type of Cannabis nutrition serves which purpose can be hard enough as a grower. One decision to make is deciding between organic and non organic. Growing Cannabis organically means growing without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The advantages and disadvantages of both approaches must be considered but it is possible to optimize nutrition for marijuana plants through both routes. Environmental Concerns With Cannabis Nutrition There are several large practical differences between the two approaches, but for many growers environmental concerns also weigh in....
Today we will cover the basics of germinating Cannabis seeds and root growth. We designed this article to aid you from the start of your new Spliff Seeds grow and allow you to grow a great Cannabis plant just like we do here in Amsterdam! Germinating Cannabis Seeds For The Best Start There are a few different ways to approach seed germination, yet the main thing to understand is how the seed needs water, warmth and darkness to grow. Without these 3 key factors, the seed will not germinate. All of the simple techniques described below will result in seeds with...
Cannabis nutrition can be a difficult subject and can seem impossible to understand. This article is aimed to explain how to solve problems with Cannabis nutrition, and to explain several principles behind optimizing your nutrition. The following sections explain the function and importance of E.C. and pH in Cannabis cultivation as well as preventing and solving problems in these areas.  E.C. Explained Cannabis nutrition problems can occur due to abnormal amount of total dissolved solids (TDS), which can be measured through electric conductivity, or E.C.. Many growers use an E.C. meter to check the level of dissolved salts in the water,...
Growing Cannabis depends on providing enough light, space and nutrients. While there is an endless amount of products available to help you optimize your Cannabis nutrition, it can be difficult to get started. Every grower will recommend something different, and everyone has a favourite brand. Choosing a Cannabis nutrition product also depends on your growth medium, as different nutrients are used for soil and hydroponic grows. We wrote this guide to help you decide which Cannabis nutrition brand you should use. These bottles are all the Cannabis nutrition products currently for sale from General Hydroponics. Good grow shops will sell these,...
A clear explanation of Cannabis nutrition can open doors for growers to be more hands on with their Cannabis plants. When growing Cannabis understanding the plants requirements at each stage can be the difference between a vibrant healthy plant and one that is showing signs of a serious nutrient deficiency. Experienced growers understand that nutrition affects the final taste, aroma and experience of smoking the flowers. Here you will learn about Cannabis nutrition and which feeds to use during different Cannabis plant stages. We also explain the final flush and how to deal with common nutrient related problems with Cannabis cultivation. What Does N-P-K...
Growing cannabis from the safety of your own home has many benefits, you save money and can enjoy gardening in the comfort of your own home! Below is a list of things to consider when growing your own and a few tips on not getting caught by the authorities or thieves. If you are growing cannabis in your (spare) bedroom, attic or cellar consider the following points. Unwanted Smells Cannabis was given the name Skunk for a reason, modern strains have the ability to produce even stronger odours! If you have not put the time and money into ensuring a well...
Every grow starts from either cannabis seeds or clones, which route to go depends on a number of factors that should be looked at before starting. We talked about this subject with Master Kroblo, an expert grower, winner of multiple Cannabis Cups and inventor of the Root Runner plug. In this article, we share what we learned about the (practical) differences between starting from cannabis seeds or clones. These 9 cannabis clones are growing in rockwool, this medium is very popular because it is so easy to use. What Is A Cannabis Clone? A clone is a clipping from a larger...
  • acid
    A pH level below 7. It is often referred to as sour.
  • aeration
    Refers to supplying a sufficient amount of oxygen to the roots of a plant. 
  • aeroponics
    A method of growing where the roots are suspended in the air in an enclosed chamber where there is a
  • alkaline
    A pH level above 7. It is often referred to as sweet.
  • anaerobic conditions
    Is caused by an inadequate supply of oxygen needed by the roots of a plant, which results in suffoca
  • Aquaponics
    A method of growing using fish waste as food for the plants. Special food is given to the fish who t
  • Aroma
    Describes the smell and how aromatic something is. For example Super Skunk has a very powerful aroma
  • autoflowering
    A plant is autoflowering if it switches to flowering based on its age, as opposed to making the swit
  • auxin
    Are the hormones that regulate the growth of plants and is responsiple for root enlongation and foli
  • B.H.O
    Butane Honey Oil is a method of extraction, where butane is used to strip the plant matter of all tr
  • backcrossing
    Mating a parent plant with a its subsequent lineage.
  • beneficial insect
    Is an inscet that benefits the garden by aiding in pollenation and consuming pest.
  • breeding
    The process of crossing male pollen with a female flower. Pollination can occur naturally or done by
  • bubble bags
    Usually a 5 part system that consists of 35 micron to 250 micron screens. Using the frozen trim and
  • bubble hash
    A method of producing extract with ice and sugar leaf trim. Using various micron sized screens, all
  • buds
    Buds are the flowers that are harvested when the leaves are removed and left to dry. Cannabis buds a
  • buffer
    Resists changes in the pH of a solution. Every buffer has a buffer capacity and buffer range.
  • buffer capacity
    Is the amount of acid or base that can be added before the pH begins to change.
  • calyx
    Is the seed pod in the female flower. It consists of ovule and two pisitils, which is the reproducti
  • cannabinoids
    Within the trichome contains many cannabinoids. We are familiar with THC being the psychoactive elem
  • cannabis
    Cannabis flowers are a part of the cannabis plant what can be dried and smoked or eaten. The cannabi
  • cannabis
    Cannabis plants are Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. Cannabis plants are found outdoor all over the wor
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