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Clearing The Smoke : The Science Of Cannabis

Created By Spliff
2 years ago
In this 57 minute video, you will see a wide collection of patients who use Cannabis for medical use. In this well put together documentary, there is an in depth look into how the pharmaceutical industry and the cannabis plant are now being used in the same light. Dr Lester Grinspoon is one of the main people to be interviewed about his current day role in Cannabis and what his opinions and views...

Weed : By Dr Sanjay Gupta Part 1

Created By Spliff
2 years ago
In this long documentary produced by CNN, the question asked in this well researched video is: "Is Cannabis bad for you or good for you?" What does it do to you and what does it do to your children? Dr Sanjay Gupta took an entire year to review the stance on Cannabis as a non user himself. This American based video will show you how Cannabis use has gone from being underground, to many states now...

Weed : By Dr Sanjay Gupta Part 2

Created By Spliff
2 years ago
Medical Cannabis Refugees In this follow up to ' Weed Part 1 ', Dr Sanjay Gupta continues to follow medical patients. This video starts off with the political pressure that governors receive from desperate parents. We continue with the story of Vivian Wilson: another young girl who lived with constant seizures and fits. Bright lights, sounds and patterns can induce seizures and we see how Cannabis...

How Cannabis Affects The Brain

Created By Spliff
1 year ago
In this short animated video by Herb Kitchen, explained is the Endo Cannabinoid System which the body naturally relies on to regulate and balance itself. The ways the video explains is through appetite, pain sensation, mood and memory. Next explained is THC and how the effects are more psychoactive than that of other cannabinoids, as well as the direct effects of medical marijuana . CBD is explain...

Marijuana And The Brain

Created By Spliff
12 months ago
In this short video information is given about the chemical effects that Cannabis has on the brain and body. The video explains how THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for the giddy, relaxed and floating high feeling. Explained is how once consumed by food or smoke, the bloodstream and brain activate brain receptors that allow people to experience different sensations. Apart from explaini...

Usefulness of Medical Marijuana

Created By Spliff
9 months ago
In this video Dr Lester Grinspoon, a specialist in the study of schizophrenia, is interviewed about the physiological usefulness of medical marijuana. He explains how the media and current laws have created a grey area for the use of marijuana. This video contains several interviews with other doctors and scientists who speak about the medical aspects of using Cannabis. Dr Lester Grinspoon started...

Medical Benefits of Cannabinoids

Created By Spliff
8 months ago
In this long documentary about the benefits of cannabinoids Dr. Donald Abrams, Dr. Jeffery Hergenrather, Martin Lee and Dr. William Courtney each explain how medical marijuana benefits the consumer on many levels. Moderated by Clint Werner, this is an in depth look into the recent discoveries involving medical marijuana and the human body. The three well versed doctors present the science behind m...
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