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Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis Seeds

Cultivating Quality Cannabis Seeds Since 1995

Spliff Seeds was founded in Amsterdam in 1995, since then it has always been our goal to make high quality cannabis seeds available to everyone. Spliff Seeds are bred under optimal conditions in conditioned growrooms and are rigorously analysed using an array of state-of-the-art lab techniques. By using mothers and fathers of the most stable, viable and potent cannabis plants we consistently produce cannabis seeds of the highest quality. After harvesting and carefully selecting our seeds we carry out extensive tests on each batch. By ensuring germination rates and viability are always on point we are able to provide growers with the best possible cannabis genetics in each and every seed.

Beginner or expert? Read more about the world of cannabis seeds and growing cannabis in our cannabis blog. Or watch videos with tips & tutorials from experts in our cannabis video blog.

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13 Indica Strains

14 Hybrids Strains

13 Sativa Strains

6 High THC Strains

High CBD Strains

8 Outdoor Strains

Contact Information:

Leidsestraat 26²
1017 PB Amsterdam

Telephone: +31-(0)20-423 0810

Elbers-Naarden, Limmerick 8, 1046BH Amsterdam.