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This video by Cannabis Lifestyle TV was deleted by youtube, Trey talks you through 4 fundamental tips for growing Marijuana outdoors. Each section of this video will cover a particular aspect of growing that will benefit your next outdoor project.

Location, Location, Location!

One of the most important parts of growing Marijuana outdoors is location, if you have your own land then look for a secure fenced area that will have Southern exposure. Discretion is also very important as it will allow you to work without anxiety or onlooking neighbours. The other thing that should be considered that is a Cannabis plant requires as much sun as possible, so pick a spot that is free from overshadowing landmarks such as trees or buildings. The rate of growth and ultimately your yield will suffer if your plants are in the shade during the hottest parts of the day.

cannabis plants in a cornfield

When Do I Put My Cannabis Plant Outside?

When growing Marijuana outdoors, timing is everything so Trey advises to start your seeds or clones off inside. This way he avoids running the risk of losing a seed by planting in harsh environments, and gives his outdoor plants them the best possible start. Once a Cannabis plant reaches a height of 15 to 60 centimetres during the vegetative phase, you can be confident it will adapt to well to an outdoor environment. By June 21st, the days will get longer and the nights will get shorter, so this is a key time to have your plants outside.

damaged cannabis plant

Security And Eyes On Your Harvest

Installing a video camera can help to keep your Cannabis plant secure. In this video, Cannabis Lifestyle TV suggests buying them online or in any local hunting store. Fencing is also recommended to prevent any problems as there can always be unexpected wildlife that enjoys eating your plants.

goat eating cannabis plant
The video also covers planting size and pot size, reminding us that the bigger the pot the bigger the plant. Trey discusses how to keep the size of your plants under control and explains how to avoid oversized plants when growing Marijuana outdoors.

Harvesting Your Cannabis Plant!

Harvesting is the last and most exciting, but also the most crucial part of growing Marijuana, problems around the harvesting period can ruin your crop. The line between a perfect flower and one that is not ripe can be very fine. Be vigilant and pay attention to the weather as you get closer to the harvest date.

cannabis plant harvested too late completly dried out
Make an executive decision based on your experience. You do not want to let frost or bud rot affect your plants, this grower even recommends to harvest damaged plants or plants that are in danger early to prevent any further harm. After taking your plants down, cut and manicure them and hang or lay them out to dry. According to Trey, the exact steps you follow during the drying process are mostly a matter of personal preference. For more information and bud growing tips check out our guide on maximizing yields when growing Marijuana outdoors.