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Here are our four new semi-autoflowering outdoor strains: Gold Rush Outdoor, Polm Gold Outdoor (discontinued) , Fast Bud Outdoor and Sweet ‘n Sour Outdoor.

Semi autoflowering are early finishers outdoor

These strains when cloned and put under continuous low intensity light (so-called 24/7 schedule) will soon start to show the first signs of flowering. If put under 18 hours of light these strains will fully flower, like any autoflowering variety. Therefore they are called semi-autoflowering. Like their autoflowering sisters they are fast flowering and finish early finishers outdoors. They will start to flower as early as the beginning of July up to the end of July, depending on the strain. These strains can be harvested outdoor in Holland as early as the beginning of September (Gold Rush Outdoor), to mid September (Polm Gold) and no later than at the end of September (Fast Bud and Sweet ‘n Sour Outdoor).

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Here you see the 3 different cannabis types: ruderalis, indica and sativa. Our Semi Autoflowering Outdoor strains are sativa dominant strains.

Autofowering with high levels of THC

All our semi-autoflowering varieties are Sativa dominant and contain high levels of THC. The high can best be described as an old school Sativa high; a rushing, psycho-active Sativa buzz. Like when you smoked your first joint and you couldn’t stop eating and laughing. The taste of these new strains is delicious ranging from a floral, fruity flavor to a tropical fruit aroma explosion for your tastebuds. And on top of that, our strains yield far more than your average autoflowering cannabis variety.