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As breeders we are continuously gathering all sorts of interesting genetics from around the globe. By now we’ve built up an enormous collection of seeds from all sorts of genetic backgrounds, we use the most interesting ones to breed and crossbreed with. By experimenting we try to create entirely novel strains or breed exciting new hybrids. The result of years of passionate and dedicated breeding has led to the creation of five new strains of cannabis seeds strains for the coming season: AK Automatic, Blue Medi Kush, Medical Kush, Spliff Cheese and Sweet ‘n Sour Indoor.

AK Automatic Cannabis Seeds

If you are looking for fast flowering cannabis seeds then look no further, because here is the AK Automatic! We used our AK female, an indica dominant classic, and crossed her with our beloved Dutch Blue Automatic to create this tasty and extremely fast finishing strain. These cannabis seeds, from germination to harvest, will be ready within 10 weeks. Each plant produces one main bud that is compact and rock hard and several side branches. Her sweet, fruity smell and taste are amazingly strong and has hints of pepper. The buds provide a strong upbeat head high combined with a nice bodystoned sensation that isn’t too overwhelming.

AK Automatic Bud Shot

Ak Automatic after 81 days.

Medical Kush Cannabis Seeds

We felt our collection of cannabis seeds was lacking a true daytime medicinal strain, a serious painkiller. Therefore we started experimenting with a favourite medicinal strain in Holland: Chitral. Chitral and her descendants have been used to form many a new Kush strain over in the US. Kush strains, as we all know, in the US are the most commonly used strains for pain relief. We decided to go back to the original and use a pure landrace Chitral, Chitrali #1 and cross her with our trusted Skunk #1. The result is a shorter, stable and more productive medicinal cannabis strain than the original Chitral. Our Medical Kush is a great painkiller thanks to her excellent THC to CBD ratio. The high has a slow onset, is well balanced and has a longlasting and easing effect. Buy Medical Kush cannabis seeds if you are looking for pain relief!

UPDATE: Medical Kush has changed name since 2019 into Lemon Cream Kush. Now also available as an autoflowering strain!

Medical Kush Kush Bud Shot

Medical Kush

Blue Medi Kush Cannabis Seeds

Another great addition to our selection of medicinal strains is the Blue Medi Kush. A Californian medical dispensary sent us an amazing clone (a California Sour x OG Kush cross) that stood out due to its beautifully sour smell and taste and its strong pain killing effect. We improved budstructure by crossing her with an Afghan Kush (one of the ancestors of that clone). All the while trying to preserve that gorgeous smell and taste. Blue Medi Kush is a beatiful short-stalked and fast flowering strain that can finish flowering in as little as 7 weeks. The smell will remind you of ‘black hash’ with a sensational sour, floral and peppermint aroma. Her buds are fruity (grape) with a minty taste lingering in the background. The high is of a euphoric, uplifting nature and has the longevity to make her ideal for daytime use against symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.

Blue Medi Kush Bud Shot

Blue Medi Kush

Spliff Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Cheese is loved the world over, so it felt strange not having a Cheese strain in our catalogue. We got some amazing clones of the legendary original UK Cheese and set out to make our own special kind of Cheese: Spliff Cheese. We used one of our very smelly Skunk #1 phenos to enhance the pungent aroma we’ve come to  love even more. The resulting Spliff Cheese has that typical cheese smell and a skunky, fruity flavor. The buds have a deeply relaxing effect that is typical to indica dominant strains. With an impressive flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks, this strain is highly recommended for those looking to harvest quickly. Depending on what medium you grow on, of course.

UPDATE: Now also available as an autoflowering strain!

Spliff Cheese Bud Shot

Some Impressive Spliff Cheese Buds

Sweet ‘n Sour Indoor Cannabis Seeds

After launching our Sweet ‘n Sour Outdoor strain last year we have also been working on an indoor version of this unique strain. We have succeeded in doing so and for this season we now also have the Sweet ‘n Sour Indoor! She is a luscious 80% Sativa with all the traits of a classic Sativa Landrace when it comes to high and aroma. Fortunately however, we’ve managed to shorten the flowering time to only 8 weeks! Sweet ‘n Sour Indoor is a massive budding beast with enormous triangular shaped colas that are laden with resin. With her dense coat of trichomes, this lady can look like she’s suffering from frostbite. Her namesake aroma is absolutely mindblowing: floral and fruity with hints of citrus, pineapple and grapefruit. On top of that you’ll love the classic soaring, psycho-active head high, which will have you smiling from ear to ear. And because this strain was (at least partially) developed for outdoor use, this is also one of the easiest sativa strains to grow. You can safely buy Sweet ‘n Sour Indoor cannabis seeds no matter what level of expertise you’re at and you won’t be disappointed!

Sweet 'N Sour Indoor Bud Shot

Sweet ‘n Sour Plants