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Spliff Seeds @ Cannafest Prague 2013 - Intro

Created By Spliff
4 years ago
This video shows you the build up to Cannafest Prague 2013 before the people flood the expo. Spliff Seeds had a great booth that year and really enjoyed ourselves there, meeting new customers and making new friends. This video shows you a behind the scenes look at how a huge expo like Cannafest comes alive and what work actually goes in. All the big companies roll into town and Spliff Seeds are al...

Spliff commercial

Created By Spliff
4 years ago
In this video, we put the Spliff Seeds meerkats to use as they gather round in anticipation. Enjoy this smartly edited animated video that boasts how we take our branding in all new directions. Established since 1995 and with over 30 strains, regular , feminized and autoflowering , Spliff Seeds has celebrated over 20 years of success and recently have brand new themed packaging on the way, to real...

Spliff Cannabis Seeds @ Cannafest Prague 2013 - Da Hoola Hoop Queen

Created By Spliff
4 years ago
This video shows the Spliff Seeds booth we had in 2013, with ‘ Da Hula Hoop Queen ‘. Cannafest in Prague is a huge expo that always has a huge following of 25,000 plus, each year. We feel it is very important to have a strong media presence not just in Holland but all over Europe. We were one of the first seeds banks to introduce feminized seeds at Spannabis and continue to grow stronger each year...

How To Roll A Spliff?

Created By Spliff
3 years ago
In this short video by Soap Box, you will learn how to roll a Spliff the British way. In the UK smokers are well known for the ‘cup of tea and Spliff‘ culture, the weather also encourages this habit a lot more than most think. This easy to watch tutorial gives you a 10 step guide explaining what it takes to roll a Spliff. A Spliff is when your joint contains a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, this...
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