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Buying Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Buying cannabis seeds is inevitable for cannabis growers. Choosing what type of cannabis seeds to buy is a choice all cannabis growers will have to make. Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds have some differences compared to growing regular cannabis seeds. What are autoflowering cannabis seeds? What makes them different than regular cannabis seeds?

Life Cycle of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Unlike regular cannabis seeds, the autoflowering cannabis seeds flowering phase is not the same. The regular indicas and sativas flower cycles are directed by photoperiod, meaning that the plant regulates growth and flowering stages by the hours of light and darkness to decide when it is time to flower. The hours of more darkness such as 12 on and 12 off cause a hormone called phytochrome to build up causing flowering phases.

AK automatic bud
The life cycle of autoflowering cannabis is different than regular cannabis. Thus earning the name of the autoflowering cannabis because it will automatically flower after a certain age and time period not because of light cycle changes. Autoflowering is a trait inherited from the wild ruderalis species. Breeders have crossed the autoflowering characteristic of ruderalis with the THC production of regular indica and sativa varieties, which have developed more potent autoflow strains, and are stronger than wild ruderalis.

A few weeks after germination, the autoflowering plant begins to produce flowers while continuing to grow. Autoflowering varieties have a limited vegetative cycle meaning autoflowering plants will automatically flower within 17 to 28 days of growth depending on the characteristics of the strain. Because of this, they tend to be shorter in height ranging from 0.3-0.9 m and varieties differ in flowering growth. Autoflowering cannabis plants are typically ready to harvest anywhere between 60 and 80 days depending on the varieties characteristics. Where as regular varieties have a longer vegetative cycle and require short days to flower. Some simple grow conditions will allow autoflowering cannabis seeds to develop optimally. Some autoflowering plants seem to grow best under 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness well others prefer 18/6. If you’re gardening with soil it is suggested to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds in light soil. Because of their small size they are great for hydroponic systems. The first 12-14 days the plant doesn’t need nutrients, only water. After two weeks it is acceptable to start feeding the plant a small amount of light grow nutrients. After a week or two flush the plant and switch to light flowering nutrients. A week before harvest it is advisable to stop giving the plant nutrients and flush.

Sprouting Autoflowering Cannabis Seed

Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

  • Fast turn around.
  • Stay small in size so you can grow multiple plants in a small spaces.
  • Stay small so you can grow them discretely outdoors.
  • Possible to grow more outdoor crops a year.
  • Most are resistant to many diseases and molds.
  • Because autoflowering cannabis seeds have the cannabis ruderalis trait the THC content tends to be a little lower
  • Because of the smaller plant size the yield tends to be smaller but can be compensated by a fast turn around in harvests.

We at Spliff Seeds have a wide variety of autoflowering cannabis seeds, for autoflowering cannabis seeds AK Automatic has a high THC potency, is easy to grow and is ready to harvest in approximately 10 weeks.