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In this video you see how our Afghani Gold strain is ideal for a Sea Of Green set up. This classic strain is a true hybrid of Afghani x Skunk No 1 and delivers true hybrid vigour. It has a sweet hashy aroma that flowers in 9 weeks max. You will see how this strain stays small and compact while producing rock hard buds in a christmas tree shaped plant. In this video you will notice how uniform and stable this cross is making it very reliable and easy to work with.

This strain really fills out and you can see how baseball bat style buds form all the way up the central cola. The buds are also thick and super frosty. A strain for treating insomnia, spasms and muscle pain in general. A very narcotic high and with a high CBD, we definitely recommend this strain for those who like a strong smoke!

This grower has no variation between various phenotypes as you will see, displaying the highest levels of breeding quality. We are very proud of this hybrid and we know you will not be dissapointed. Enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment.