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In this video you will see 8 Automatic AK grown under LEDs and in 81 days produces some knock out buds. The AK Automatic is a feminized hybrid of Dutch Blue Automatic (Ruderalis x Northern Light x Santa Maria x Blueberry x Afghani ) crossed with AK and the results are a spicy fruity taste. Nemesis grows this strain under 20/4 light regime and this plant grows one big central cola surrounded by smaller side branching.

Nemesis grows 8 plants and leaves them to grow on their own. They start of small and bushy and stay that way under around 4 weeks. Once the plants are growing, they really grow quickly and begin to fill out this grow room. Automatic AK does not require a lot of nutrients so this strain is very user friendly and ideal for beginners. This strain as you see in this video is ideal for S.O.G set ups as she stays small and squat and bushy.

The final harvest produces a lot of buds that when smoked offer a great high and mild body stone. The buds are coated in brown hairs with silver nugs, growing long branched buds that are easy to harvest and trim. This strain is great for people who have limited space or have a balcony to grow on. An excellent hybrid from our autoflowering cannabis strains that we are proud to showcase.