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This video shows a classic mix of the best hazes Spliff Seeds has to offer. This lady is a cross of Amnesia x Nevilles Haze x Super Silver Haze, making this 70% Sativa one for all Sativa and have lovers. The Amnesia clone we used in this breeding project was from a Dutch source and the result is a heavy hitting strong strain. This hybrid has a high THC as the psychoactive high can last for hours and hours. There is also a surprisingly strong body stone which means this strain works well for anxiety, muscle pain and appetite and sleep.

9 seeds are germinated and after all 9 pop up, you see Anonymous grows this Amnesiac variety in a Sea Of Green set up. The plants flower for 10 weeks and grow few leaves all the way up the trichome rich dripping colas. You will notice how frosty this variety becomes and grows tall.

The taste is a mixture of orange haze with a classic citrus edge. A super productive haze hybrid and one that possess all qualities you can want. Big yields, big flavours, incredible head high and stone and incredible smells. Outdoors this one grows huge and can get really tall if left alone. A fantastic hybrid that Spliff Seeds is proud to present.