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In this grow report you will see this grower produce 218 grams off 400w of HPS. The Bubblegun is a cross of Mexican x Colombian x Afghani x Ak. This Sativa dominant strain produces fruity floral dense rock hard buds in around 8 weeks which is fast considering her lineage. The plant structure is small and squat making this strain perfect for S.O.G and bedroom growers with limited space. This strain was recently lab tested at 16% active THC making this a strong strain with a great body stone. She is also a great pain killer and is recommended for back pain and muscle pain.

Planted in a mix of coco and perlite, this grower packs out a tent in a S.O.G method to ensure as much yield as they possibly can. Bubble Gun produces one main cola with big fat tops as you see, the plants fill out very quickly as this strain grows vigorously. You can see the influence from the AK strain as these plants grow enormous single colas that are very easy to maintain.

The buds are a sticky dense white with shades of purple, orange and brown. Famous amongst old school smokers, this strain delivers on flavour and a solid bud structure. A perfect strain for beginners to grow and amazing for both recreational and medicinal use.