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Buy Cannabis seeds: choose your strain on the basis of your experience!

There are a great number of choice to be made when you buy cannabis seeds, but the most important factor to take into consideration is your level of expertise. So always check first what skills you require for a successful grow with a particular strain. If you are a novice you would be a fool to attempt a Neville's Haze or Haze no.1. This strains are delicate, light feeders and are prone to mould and budrot if you are not careful. That's why we made it real easy when you buy cannabis seeds. Our packaging has different grades of difficulty pictured on it; easy, medium and difficult.

Buy cannabis seeds; indoor or outdoor?Buy cannabis seeds

Once you have chosen what not to buy on the basis of your level of expertise there are more choices to be made when you buy cannabis seeds. Obvious second consideration is if you are growing indoor or outdoor. For outdoor growing you can buy cannabis seeds strains, which have been specifically bred for growing cannabis outdoor. Strains, such as: Gold Rush Outdoor, Fast Bud Outdoor, Polm Gold Outdoor and the Sweet'n Sour Outdoor. These cannabis strains are semi autoflowering and will mature early in more Northern Countries. In more Southern latitudes they will also thrive and will finish even quicker. These marijuana strains are sativa dominant, big budding ladies with very few leaves and impressive levels of THC. In more northern countries you can also go for full-on autoflowering strains to finish early. Strains such as our Dutch Automatic, Dutch Blue Automatic and AK Auto.

Sativa or indicaBuy cannabis seeds: indica, sativa or hybrid?

To buy cannabis seeds you can choose between a Sativa, Indica or a Sativa/Indica hybrid. Truth be told you will be hard pressed to find a pure Indica or Sativa, because of all the crossbreeding over the past decades. So we generally prefer to use the terms Sativa dominant and Indica dominant or a hybrid. However, to keep it simple we will refer to those strains as Sativa and Indica. Your choice of weed is influenced by how you like your high and/or medicinal benefits it contains. What taste you prefer, the space you have available to grow and the speed of flowering you require. Hybrids are conceived and bred to optimize one or several factors that make for a good strain. Factors, such as yield, size, speed of flowering high or palate. They are usually a mix of the best of both worlds.

Buy cannabis seeds: looking for the right effectGetting high

In general, the distinction between a Sativa and an Indica strain is that a Sativa will give you a more head, psycho-active high and the Indica strains will give you a more physical, bodystone buzz. If you buy cannabis seeds you must think what high works for you. It is of even greater importance to consider the different medicinal properties of an Indica and a Sativa. When you use cannabis medicinally and you want to buy cannabis seeds to grow your own medicine. Indica's, because of their shorter flowering period, contain more CBD. They causa a more stoned, sedative sensation. Sativa's usually have a higher THC level, resulting in a more cerebral effect.

Here's a brief overview of the medicinal benefits of each of the two main active components of cannabis. CBD rich strains have the following, principal effects: anti-inflammation, anti-convulsion, stress and anxiety reliever, anti psychotic episodes and acts as anti-autoimmune agent. CBD rich strains include our Crystal White feminized, Master Kush regular, Spliff Cheese feminized and Snow White feminized.

Main effects of THC are pain relief, anti spasms, relieves tremors, anti-inflammation, stimulation of apetite and is anti- nausea, especially for cancer and aids patients. THC rich strains with said beneficial effects are the Haze no.1 regular, Jack F1 regular and feminized, Medicinal Citral feminized and Neville's Haze feminized.

Buy cannabis seeds: I love that taste!

If you buy cannabis seeds another factor is taste. The taste of a typical Indica ranges from earthy, musky, hashlike to peppery and spicy. The taste of a good Sativa can be anything from floral, fruity to citrusy and minty fresh.

space yield timeBuy cannabis seeds: space, yield and time

Indica's usually have a shorter flowering period and tend to stay more compact and shorter. Sativa's will flower for longer and tend to stretch taller and outwards, requiring more space between plants. In recent years, however, we have been able by crossbreeding to shorten height and flowering time of our Sativa's. So it all depends what size (height and width) your space is and what number of plants you are wanting to grow.

As for yield simply look on our packaging to get a global idea of what can be attainable. These are the final factors that come into the equation when you buy cannabis seeds, so there you have it folks!

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