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In this short video by Soap Box, you will learn how to roll a Spliff the British way. In the UK smokers are well known for the ‘cup of tea and Spliff‘ culture, the weather also encourages this habit a lot more than most think. This easy to watch tutorial gives you a 10 step guide explaining what it takes to roll a Spliff. A Spliff is when your joint contains a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, this type of joint is actually frowned upon in American cannabis culture. In America smokers generally only smoke pure cannabis joints, which can be quite an expensive habit, especially if you are not smoking your own crop. This video explains how to roll a Spliff in only 10 easy steps.

Equipment needed to make a Spliff

Skins, Roach, Grinder And Tobacco For The Spliff

The first thing you will need to do when rolling a Spliff, as explained in step 1 of the tutorial, is gathering your equipment. The basics you need here are rolling papers (or skins as they are called in the UK), a filter tip (also known as a roach), a grinder and tobacco. The tobacco used in this video is a soft rolling tobacco, however you can use dry cigarette tobacco also if you prefer. Once you have your materials, you need to take a rolling paper and lay it down with the strip of glue side facing the way you will want to roll.

base layer to make a Spliff: paper + roach

Rolling A Spliff And Rolling A Roach

There is nothing worse than when a small piece of ground bud or loose tobacco flies into your mouth, it can be a foul tasting experience that can make your stomach turn. The second step of this guide provides a good way to ensure your filter tip works the way it should and prevents you from inhaling any loose bits. A good tip is to take a long filter tip and fold one side into a small zig zag pattern. After you have folded the zig zag pattern half way in, begin to roll the filter tip around the zig zags until you have a round tip with a letter ‘Z’ repeated.

The Base Layer, The Crystal Shake And Even Burn

After preparing your materials you will want to add a base layer of tobacco. Now you are ready to add your ground up bud. Once you have ensured that every last bit is now on top of the base layer of tobacco, you need to make sure the Spliff burns evenly when smoking. This is achieved by simply adding a top layer of tobacco, to sandwich in the layer of ground Cannabis.

Step 6 the sprinkler to roll a Spliff

Roll, Tuck, Lick And Stick

The closing stages of rolling a Spliff and the part that requires your fingers and tongue. From the start of the filter tip, you will want to tuck the rolling paper around your filter and proceed to roll around in line with the rest of the paper. As seen in this tutorial it can be very easy and something that takes just seconds if done well. Now you need to lick the glue on the paper: using the tip of your tongue, lick the glue strip from side to side and stick the paper together to complete the Spliff cylinder shape as shown in the tutorial. The most important part is that you roll tightly around the filter, as you can fix the majority of other problems with the next step in the tutorial.

example of how to roll the Spliff

Air Pockets, Twist And Spliff!

A good thing to get into the habit of is removing air pockets inside the Spliff. The easiest way to do this is to tap the air out by tapping the filter tip on a hard surface until the mixture has no more air pockets or loose parts. This will aid in the joint burning evenly and not burning more on one side than the other. Finally all that is necessary now is for a twist of the excess paper and once twisted, your Spliff is ready to be smoked. Practice makes perfect and after a while, you will be able to roll a Spliff with your eyes closed! Related information: the difference between a Spliff and a Joint.