Growing Fast Bud and Gold Rush Outdoor PRT III - Growing Spliff Cannabis Seeds

4 years ago
Growing Fast Bud and Gold Rush Outdoor Part 3 In this video, we show the progress of our Fast Bud and Gold Rush female outdoor cannabis seeds as we prepare to chop the plants down in order to begin the drying process. Please note that this video isn't a tutorial explaining how to cultivate cannabis. The objective of this video is to give viewers an idea about how these particular cannabis strains...

Growing Fast Bud Outdoor and Gold Rush Outdoor

4 years ago
This video is part number 1 of the cultivation timeline for our Fast Bud Outdoor and Gold Rush Outdoor semi-autoflowering female cannabis seeds. In this three part video series we show you the progress of these two amazing cannabis strains from germination to harvest via a mixed succession of photo images and video footage. Although this particular video series isn't intended to be a lesson in how...

Spliff Cannabis Seeds @ Cannafest Prague 2013 - Da Hoola Hoop Queen

4 years ago
This video shows the Spliff Seeds booth we had in 2013, with ‘ Da Hula Hoop Queen ‘. Cannafest in Prague is a huge expo that always has a huge following of 25,000 plus, each year. We feel it is very important to have a strong media presence not just in Holland but all over Europe. We were one of the first seeds banks to introduce feminized seeds at Spannabis and continue to grow stronger each year...

Spliff Seeds @ Cannafest Prague 2013 - Intro

4 years ago
This video shows you the build up to Cannafest Prague 2013 before the people flood the expo. Spliff Seeds had a great booth that year and really enjoyed ourselves there, meeting new customers and making new friends. This video shows you a behind the scenes look at how a huge expo like Cannafest comes alive and what work actually goes in. All the big companies roll into town and Spliff Seeds are al...

Spliff commercial

4 years ago
In this video, we put the Spliff Seeds meerkats to use as they gather round in anticipation. Enjoy this smartly edited animated video that boasts how we take our branding in all new directions. Established since 1995 and with over 30 strains, regular , feminized and autoflowering , Spliff Seeds has celebrated over 20 years of success and recently have brand new themed packaging on the way, to real...

Growing Marijuana Indoors- A Beginners Guide

4 years ago
Growing Marijuana Indoors by Green Closet In this easy to watch educational video, Green Closet from the states presents a close to 23 minute mixed media video in which he talks you through the fundamentals of growing Cannabis. The aim of this video is to thoroughly educate the bedroom grower and explain the way to achieve a 2-6 plants closet grow in a space of 0,5-1 m2. This video is really made...

Sweet n Sour Weed Closeups & Review

4 years ago
This gorgeous nugg is Sweet & Sour, found at 1e Hulp in Amsterdam. 1e Hulp, or Eerste Hulp, means "first aid" in Dutch. As one of the highest rated coffee shops in Amsterdam, Eerste Hulp carries quite a selection of top-shelf buds. Located off of Rozengracht and Marnixstraat, 1e Hulp is in Amsterdam's popular Jordaan district. Jordaan is known to travel junkies and photographers as one of the most...

Clearing The Smoke : The Science Of Cannabis

4 years ago
In this 57 minute video, you will see a wide collection of patients who use Cannabis for medical use. In this well put together documentary, there is an in depth look into how the pharmaceutical industry and the cannabis plant are now being used in the same light. Dr Lester Grinspoon is one of the main people to be interviewed about his current day role in Cannabis and what his opinions and views...

feminised cannabis seeds explained

4 years ago
In this video, cannabis aficionado Nathaniel Morris explains his version of the basis of feminised cannabis seeds , pointing out the different ways in which they're produced, and attempts to dispel the stigma that feminised cannabis seeds only generate hermaphroditic plants. Female Plants As Nathaniel describes in the video, unless you're a breeder, which would dictate keeping male cannabis plants...

Things To Know About Growing Autoflower Cannabis

4 years ago
Things To Know About Growing Autoflower Cannabis The cultivator in this video lists a sequence of tips for growing autoflowering cannabis seeds. Video Tip #1- Autoflowering cannabis seeds don't like to be transplanted -This proclamation is true. Once an autoflowering cannabis seed has been successfully germinated into a seedling it prefers to have as much room as you can give it for the root syste...



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