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Cannabis seeds Amsterdam, the marijuana Walhalla

Cannabis Seeds AmsterdamAlready since the early seventies the city of Amsterdam is well known as the marijuana capitol of the world: with its coffeeshops, growshops and shops with Cannabis Seeds Amsterdam. Every smoker on the globe knows it, to purchase the best cannabis seeds available you have to travel to this Dutch city!

Why cannabis seeds Amsterdam?

The people of The Netherlands always had a fantastic reputation and worldwide fame for its agriculture and horticulture. It may not come as a surprise that they became damn good at growing first class marijuana, besides the tulips and tomatoes. Since 1995 Spliff Seeds brings you the best that cannabis seeds Amsterdam has to offer! Nowhere else on this world there is so much knowledge about cannabis concentrated at one spot as in Amsterdam. That great experience is for you to grab if you buy seeds at our shop or through our webshop, and all for reasonable prices too!

Amsterdam marijuana capital of the worldWhich cannabis seeds Amsterdam?

Spliff Seeds proudly presents their customers a wide range of the very best cannabis seeds Amsterdam. There is something for everybody, whether you like a heavy Haze or prefer a fruity Thai, whether you love the bold Indica or want to smoke a banging Sativa… We at Spliff Seeds are convinced that you will leave our shop with your favorite cannabis seeds Amsterdam in the pocket! These cannabis seeds are the final result of years of growing by the finest weed breeders from Amsterdam and the rest of Holland. You will find all the famous marijuana strains and all the recognized smash hits in our catalogue, which features three lines: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze, Silver and Gold cannabis seeds Amsterdam

To make an easy choice for you as a customer Spliff Seeds have listed their cannabis seeds in three product lines: Bronze, Silver and Gold. In the first two categories you will find the regular seeds, which are for sale starting at 9,90 euro for a package of 5 seeds. The Gold Line contains as much as 26 different strains of female seeds. Prices here start at 29,90 euro per 5 seeds. Of course the autoflowering cannabis seeds Amsterdam are available for those growers who want to see quick results. They are for sale starting at 19,90 euro (5 seeds) and are also sparkling stars in our Gold Line.

The best address for cannabis seeds Amsterdam!

The Spliff Seeds office is located at Leidsestraat 26 second floor, right in the middle of the perky centre of Amsterdam, the marijuana capital of the world. Quality is the thing we stand for, so you can be sure of the fact that a great cannabis harvest will be possible. Thousands of satisfied weed smokers have travelled the path before you, looking for the best cannabis seeds Amsterdam. Spliff Seeds would love to welcome you in their happy growing family!

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