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The city of Amsterdam has been described as the “marijuana capital of the world” since the early seventies. With countless coffeeshops,  a vibrant cannabis culture and plenty of shops that specialize in cannabis seeds Amsterdam is truly stoner heaven! So if you’re looking to have a good time smoking the dankest of dank, or are looking for high quality cannabis seeds, Amsterdam won’t let you down!

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Cannabis Seeds Amsterdam Can Be Proud Of

Due to the scale of greenhouse agriculture and an ever-increasing demand for efficiency and quality, the Netherlands always had a fantastic reputation for its agriculture and horticulture. And after centuries of breeding the best tomatoes and potatoes money can buy, it may not come as a surprise that the Dutch also became extremely good at growing first class cannabis. After the introduction of cannabis less than half a century ago, the Dutch have taken it upon themselves to produce some of the most potent and famous strains on this planet. With so much knowledge about cannabis concentrated in one city, local breeders have accomplished game-changing results over the last few decades.

Looking For Specific Cannabis Seeds? Amsterdam Has Them All

Whether you like a heavy Haze or prefer a fruity Thai, love couch-locking indicas or high-flying sativas, you can find virtually any strain of cannabis seeds in our beautiful capital. We would like to warn people not to buy just any seeds, but only from reputable breeders and retailers. With so many cannabis enthousiasts shopping for seeds, there are plenty of not-so-upstanding shops selling low quality cannabis seeds for huge markups. So make sure you pick a brand that you trust, that the packaging is intact and the prices aren’t too low. You could be getting a great deal, but they might be pulling a fast one on you instead.

Since 1995, Spliff Seeds is proud to bring you some of the best cannabis seeds Amsterdam has to offer! With our wide range of highly potent and stable strains, there is something for everybody. Our cannabis seeds are the final result of years of hard work, collaborating with the finest weed breeders from Amsterdam and the rest of Holland. You will find all the famous marijuana strains and all the well-known smash hits in our catalogue, which features regular, feminised and feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds. With over 40 strains of grade-A cannabis seeds, we are convinced that you will leave our shop with your new favorite strain of cannabis seeds! By also making our seeds available through dozens of retailers in and around the city, we aim to make it easy to find the high quality cannabis seeds Amsterdam is known for.

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Pick Your Strain With Our Seed Selector

For a pack of 5 cannabis seeds our prices range from €9,90 for our least costly regular seeds to around €36,50 for our more exclusive feminized strains. At these prices, we are able to give you the best bang for your buck, allowing you to buy some of the best cannabis seeds Amsterdam has to offer without breaking the bank. To help our customers choose the perfect fit from our long list of amazing cannabis strains, every shop that sells our cannabis seeds has a “Spliff Seeds Seed Selector”. This A3 size chart is a practical overview of the different characteristics of each strain in our catalogue. By using this compact list, comparing between strains should be a lot easier. All this data in a small space can still be confusing, so when in doubt take a look to the right, where we listed the unique selling point that truly sets each strain apart. So if you’re shopping for cannabis seeds and looking at what we have to offer, ask for a Seed Selector to help you make the right decision.

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The best address for cannabis seeds Amsterdam!

The Spliff Seeds office is located at Leidsestraat 26 on the second floor, right in the middle of the historical center of Amsterdam, the marijuana capital of the world. We stand for quality and reliability, our goal is to provide growers with high quality genetics at a great price. Over the years we have been able to help countless cannabis-enthousiasts looking for the best cannabis seeds Amsterdam has to offer. At Spliff Seeds we would love to welcome you into our happy growing family!