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Looking for class A cannabis seeds? Smart choice, because genetics determine for at least eighty percent, the taste, smell and quality of the beloved smoke. A second key success factor is knowledge. How much do you know about growing cannabis? With top quality cannabis seeds, and a good dose of knowledge, you can in fact, achieve perfect results. Without the use of expensive frills such as plant boosters.

Dutch Quality Cannabis Seeds

Who ever enjoyed a first class smoke in one of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, will recognise this: You take the first hit, it tastes sweeter than pure honey, as you smoke on the high hits you like a bomb, whether it’s energetic, or psychedelically stoned. The Dutch have a worldwide reputation when it comes to cannabis. Dutch cannabis seeds are of superior quality, so it’s no wonder that Dutch genetics have been distributed worldwide. Many of the best strains from around the globe are descendants of classic Dutch genetics.

Cannabis Seeds Germination

Cannabis Seeds For The True Connoisseur

Our extensive seed menu displays a fine selection of class A strains. We can talk about our seeds with confidence because we work with care, love and conviction and above all stay in close contact with our customers. They must be completely happy with our product. No seed will be sold otherwise!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

In the past we referred to our feminized seed selection as our “Gold Line”. However this caused some confusion, even leading some customers to believe our seeds contained gold! They don’t and better yet, each and every one of these seeds is feminized. This means that only female plants grow from these seeds. You will never have to raise those useless male plants, easy right?

Are Cannabis Seeds Expensive?

Plants grown from seeds provide a greater harvest. The quality of the buds is better and more consistent than with plants grown from cuttings. And taken in to account that seed-grown plants grow faster, that you have a huge variety of strains to choose from and that seeds will never bring pests inside your grow room, like cuttings sometimes do, then seeds are actually a bargain. You reap what you sow!

Get started right away! Buy your cannabis seeds discretely online here. Spliff Seeds, the best quality at the best price!