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In this video we see the ‘ Grow 420 Guide ‘ get hands on and show you step by step how to get successful clones. We see a super pro style video that breaks down everything you need to know. By watching this video, you will see the correct techniques and procedures that need to be incorporated as shown by this well experienced grower.

Cloning is the ability to create a genetic replica of the original female or male plant that you are working with. Needless to say, cloning cannabis is en easy to do task in principle but it can sometime not always goes to plan. In this easy to follow video, you can learn the right way of doing cloning.

Starting by soaking the rockwool cubes in distilled water for 6 hours, with his trusted bottle of cloning solution, he explains how all you need for successful cloning is a misting bottle, propagator and dome, sharp sterile blade and a pair of sharp sterile scissors. It is imperative that you always use sterile equipment when taking new clones, to prevent any bacteria or pathogens. Follow this video and many others to learn more about Growing Cannabis.