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Cloning Cannabis is a fundamental part of any grow operation, it doesn’t matter if it is a small bedroom grow or a huge dispensary type grow. In this short video brought to you by Remo, a.k.a Urban Grower, he talks you through the steps of taking clones by a bubbler cloner.

What Is A Bubbler?

cannabis cloning machine
Aeroponics systems like this EZ-clone bubbler can really improve rooting rates and make cloning cannabis very easy.
Remo uses a bubbler also known as a EZ Cloner. This is a type of aeroponics system that works by spitting out a fine spray and mist at the roots. The actual roots of the clones are constantly in the dark wet part of the reservoir. You see Remo using some of his own brand of nutrients to help get the roots started. Remo explains oxygen is super important when cloning cannabis as he checks up on the progress of the new developing roots.
cut cannabis clones with a pair of scissors
Cutting the stem at a 45 degree angle gives your cutting an optimal surface area to interact with water and nutrients.

Best Temperature Of The Water

The water temperature should be around 22°C and the roots should be getting sprayed by tiny droplets of water. In 9 days you can see Remos clones have strong thick roots emerging from their stems. If the water is too cold the clones may not root fast enough and if it is too warm the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water will decrease.

The most enjoyable part of cloning cannabis is when you finally see roots develop and you have plants instead of cuttings!

Keeping water temperature and quality in a stable range is an important part of cloning Cannabis. If you are not sure whether you want to start your next grow from seeds or clones, please check out our article on cloning Cannabis and the differences between the two methods. We wish you the best of luck growing cannabis!