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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds can save a grower money and time. It is well known that a cannabis plant’s gender is influenced genetically but environmental conditions play a role in gender determination also. What is a feminized seed? Feminized cannabis seeds have actually been genetically altered to produce female plants. Feminized cannabis seeds have two X chromosomes, which causes the cannabis seeds to be female. The male cannabis plant has X and Y chromosomes. Now, when a plant is an X it maybe female but by applying a hormone or chemical that cause hormonal stress will cause the plant to grow pollen sacs. Hormonal stresses can also be caused by environmental factors this is why some growers may experience hermaphroditic plants in flower. What genetic alteration do feminized cannabis seeds go through to only produce female plants?

Reverse the sex of your plant

Pollinating a female plant with “female” pollen will result in feminized cannabis seeds.

Creating Feminized Cannabis Seeds

What is the process of creating feminized cannabis seeds? There are different techniques used to produce feminized cannabis seeds. The process of creating feminized cannabis seeds is the use of hermaphrodites. One techniques used to produce feminized seeds is the use of the hormone or chemical called gibberellic acid (GA) or silver thiosulphate solution (STS). There is another less stable chemical used called colloidal silver. STS is a 50/50 mixture of silver nitrate and sodium thiosulphate. GA or STS causes stress hormones in the cannabis plant. When applied to certain points on a female cannabis plant it causes stress points, which induce male pollen sacs forcing the plant to change sex, causing the plant to produce pollen sacs only in the points applied to. The pollen is collected and then used to pollenate other female plants. The pollen from these cannabis plants is of X chromosome. The pollen from these plants is actually feminized, which produces feminized cannabis seeds with a chromosome of XX. This process ensures that 99.9% of the cannabis seeds will be female.

Reverse the sex of your plant with ga3

Gibberellic acid (GA-3) for making feminized seeds.

Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

We at Spliff Seeds have a wide selection of feminized cannabis seeds that are stable and reliably produce female plants. A particularly great exotic feminized cannabis seed we sell is Blue Berry, which is a medicinal strain that produces heavy, compact buds with an impressive yield. Feminized cannabis seeds grow just like regular cannabis seeds and will thrive under the same growing conditions. Feminized are great for growers because there is no need for identifying gender and disposing of male plants. The only difference is that feminized cannabis seeds only produce females whereas regular cannabis seeds produce both male and female plants. Regular cannabis seeds take more time, money, and space then feminized cannabis seeds.