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Drying Cannabis Like Jorge Cervantes

Drying Cannabis is what this short video by growing legend Jorge Cervantes is all about. Jorge gives you various examples from a large drying room to see how to do it properly and what not to do. This easy to watch video walks you through each part of the drying process and explains the pros and cons of certain methods.

Using Drying Nets

Two basic ways of drying Cannabis are discussed in the video: one involves simply hanging branches upside down and the other uses drying nets. These drop down nets are great for air flow around the buds and as you see in this drying room, there are a lot of nets in use drying buds at the same time. As Jorge walks around the drying nets he explains the necessity to carefully label the flowers with the date and time when they were put to dry. Keeping your drying Cannabis buds separate to avoid being left with a mixture of buds is generally a good idea.

Working By Hand For The Final Trim

Drying Cannabis requires a clean precise trim job that is usually done efficiently by hand. Jorge shows you a nug that has been machine trimmed and then carefully touched up by hand. This is the difference between producing clean dense buds and leafy untidy buds. Drying Cannabis can be a 10 day process so maintaining a professional attitude and taking the time to meticulously trim the small leaves is very important.

Temperatures Play A Big Role When Drying Cannabis

Having the ideal environment for your drying cannabis buds is essential to produce stinking dense buds. Jorge Cervantes explains how the temperature in this drying room is around 25°C with around 50% humidity. When drying Cannabis buds, you must avoid the possibility of mold developing on the buds and ensure good air flow. Jorge emphasises how the amount of extra space between each section of buds is perfect as air can circulate between the drying Cannabis buds. Next: step by step guide for drying cannabis.