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In this video you will see a super productive Dutch Automatic strain grown under L.E.D. This strain of ours ( Ruderalis x Northern Lights x Santa Maria x Afghan Gold ) produces one big cola in 77 days, with strong heavy side branches. The buds are fruity and very floral offering the smoker a very relaxing body stone, without this one being too strong at around 15% THC, yet enriched with a high CBD. This strain is great for medical relief for ADHD, Chron’s and anxiety.

You will actually see this grower harvest the plants at 62 days and yield a very generous 126 grams of sticky hard buds. For the first 14 days, this grower uses 9L pots and lets the plants grow into the L.E.D light. This strain grows fast and wide and is a very short but compact plant. You will see between 21 and day 35, the growth rate is explosive, as you see the plants getting bigger and more bushy. One single dominant cola will prevail with many strong side branches that produce nothing but pure buds. This strain is ideal for Sea Of Green as Nemesis demonstrates.

The final harvest of 126 grams harvested is a delight of a mild fruity buds that are a real sensation to the taste buds. You will not be dissapointed with the final outcome of this strain. Monster sized buds and a heavy relaxing CBD rich body stone surely making this one a very easy to grow narcotic smoke.