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In this video you will see our Dutch Blue Automatic strain grown under various L.E.D. lights and fed using Growing Edge Technologies Aroma Formula. The Dutch Blue Automatic is a cross of our Blueberry x Northern Lights Special. Watch as this plague and mold resistant auto flowering strain grows from seed to harvest in 11 weeks producing 62 grams off one fruity juicy a height of 75cm.

Nemesis chooses to grow for the first 2 weeks in 1.5 litre pots until later transplanting to 9-11 litre sized pots. The nutrients that are being used are from Growing Edge Technolgies a company based in Canada. They are well known for making very soft nutrients and promote the use of many separate feeds. The Aroma line is what Nemesis uses so you can see how to obtain the same results yourself. Grown in a Green Qube 120 x 240 x 220 with lighting provided by L.E.D. The lighting is actually supplied by various brands of L.E.D. lighting.

Nemesis enjoys growing a quick and vibrant plant that takes a short time to grow indoors or outdoors. She grows one main cola and is a dream to grow for sea of green fans! Enjoy the video and feel to free to leave a comment, or browse throught our many other cannabis movies.