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Que Son Las Semillas Regulares y Femeninas?

pollen from male cannabis plant to make female seedsRegular seeds are produced by using the pollen of a male plant to pollinate a female plant, resulting in regular seeds. Regular seeds can either produce male or female plants. Usually the ratio male and female plants is 50/50. You can improve the percentage of female plants by making sure you create optimal growing conditions. Get your humidity, temperature and light right and you will reap the rewards. During the first three of hours above ground the seedling will determine its gender. Male plants should be removed and discarded. The female plants is what you aim for, because these plants will produce flowers that you can smoke.

Female seeds means that a female plant has been used as a father. Stress induced by the spraying of STS or GA3 causes this female to create pollen. This pollen is used to pollinate a mother to breed feminized seeds. We do advise to keep growing conditions optimum with female seeds, because stress might cause a plant to turn into a hermie or even a male. Be especially careful with excessive heat.