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Ordering Questions:

What will my package look like?

Your order will be packed in a discrete padded envelope or a small cardboard box that will fit in your mailbox. The package will also have a discrete shipper as return address.

How many seeds does 1 package contain?

Our packs always contain 5 seeds.

How long my order will take to arrive?

Delivery speed differs per country. Deliveries within Holland will generally take 1 to 3 working days upon payment. Delivery speed for Europe; 3-14 working days. Delivery speed for the rest of the world; 7-21 working days. Please have this in mind, before contacting us to find out where your order is.

How is your order shipped?

We currently ship your order by post free of charge with out track and trace. Inside Europe we can guarantee arrival. In case you want to sent it with track trace please contact us by email

How do i order?

To order please ad a product to your cart. A checkout button will appear. In checkout you can choose to check in as a returning customer, register a new account or check out as a guest. Please fill out all the required fields.

Every time you’d like to purchase on our site please check in as a returning customer, enter your username and password and you’re good to go.

Can I order from my country?

We ship worldwide, except for the USA.


Payment Questions:

Payment options?

iDEAL is the Dutch standard for safe and direct payments on the internet:

Sofort banking

Make payments the easy way with your own online banking details – fast and direct.

Bank transfer:

If payment is transferred directly into our bank account any transfer charges are to be paid by the customer.

Bank details as follow:

  • Bank: Rabobank
  • City: Amstelveen
  • Iban: NL73RABO0351870121
  • Name: Elbers-Naarden
  • Swift address: RABONL2U

Don’t forget to write your order number with the payment.


Sent your cash payment in registered envelop or bring your envelop to:


Leidsestraat 26
1017 PB

Don’t forget to write your order number with the payment.

Credit Cards:

At the moment we can only process credit cards by phone (MOTO).

Product Questions:

Why do sativa strains take longer to flower?

Sativa strains are naturally found in parts of the world with hot sunny climates. Original landrace Sativa strains can take from 12-16 weeks to flower and fully ripen. Many modern day Sativa strains are shorter in flowering time to suit commercial value, yet the grower can still expect the original haze traits.

Which sativa strains are tastiest?
Can I grow seeds legally? If not can I still buy them?

Please consult your country and state’s laws, before you purchase Spliff Seeds. We do not accept any liability in this respect. In Europe in a number of countries it is legal to buy and own cannabis seeds. However, germination of Cannabis seed is illegal in most countries. Spliff seeds are therefore sold as a collectable adult souvenir. We dispatch our seeds on the condition that they will not be used in conflict with applicable local law. For our complete disclaimer please check out: disclaimer.

Biggest yielding sativa strains?
Biggest yielding indica strains?
Tips autoflower cannabis seeds

Tips for Cultivating Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

We here at Spliff Seeds have assembled a list of tips for cultivating autoflowering Cannabis seeds that we hope will help those new to growing achieve the best yields possible. While the...
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Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Buying Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Buying cannabis seeds is inevitable for cannabis growers. Choosing what type of cannabis seeds to buy is a choice all cannabis growers will have to make....
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The A to Z Of Autoflower Seeds

What Are Autoflower Seeds? Automatic Autoflower seeds will produce yields in approximately 70 days. Originating from the Ruderalis, this is a type of plant that has adapted so well to harsh...
semi autoflowering strain grown outdoors

Semi-Autoflowering Outdoor Varieties

Popularity of autoflowering varieties has been soaring in recent years. Because of its Ruderalis origins, autoflowering varieties are often used for outdoor cultivation in cooler or...
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