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In this video, cannabis aficionado Nathaniel Morris explains his version of the basis of feminised cannabis seeds, pointing out the different ways in which they’re produced, and attempts to dispel the stigma that feminised cannabis seeds only generate hermaphroditic plants.

Female Plants

As Nathaniel describes in the video, unless you’re a breeder, which would dictate keeping male cannabis plants on hand, the ultimate goal for cannabis cultivators wanting only sensimilla (buds or flowers free of seed) flowers or buds from their harvests is to sustain a grow space composed of all female plants. When cultivating crops of cannabis from regular type seeds, the plants will begin showing their sex once they start to flower. As soon as the plants reveal their sex, the cultivator must do away with any male plants in order to ensure they don’t pollinate the females, which would cause them to produce seeds and foil any chances of harvesting a crop of sensimilla cannabis.


Nathaniel also points out something that has a propensity to take place in the world of cannabis cultivation that is known as hermaphroditism, which is when a female plant produces male sex organs (stamen) and pollinates herself/himself to the point of producing seeds. And even though the seeds that a hermaphroditic plant brings into being are technically considered to be feminised, they will in all probability only generate hermaphroditic offspring, which among many other reasons is why they are regarded as unwelcome by cannabis gardeners.

Colloidal Silver (CS)

The use of colloidal silver in order to generate feminised cannabis seeds is a common practice among professionals working in the cannabis seed industry. Using this product not only allows the breeder to produce feminised seeds without the need of a male plant to pollinate the female, but it also will generate seeds that that have the exact same genetics as the plant from which it was created. Like taken a clone only in the form of a seed. And what exactly is colloidal silver? Well, it is a completely natural solution composed of fine particles of silver suspended in distilled water. This solution is then sprayed regularly on a the female cannabis plant(s) during the early flowering stage in a fine mist fashion, which will cause her to form male pollen sacs that are actually packed tight with female pollen. The pollen is harvested and used to produce feminised cannabis seeds. This particular process can be utilized on an isolated branch of the female or the entire plant, all depending on how many seeds one wishes to produce.

Making The Choice To Grow Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Nathaniel mentions in the video that although he himself has had good experiences with producing and cultivating feminised cannabis seeds, there is still a bit of a debate taking place among cannabis cultivating enthusiasts in regards to their validity in the cannabis seed marketplace. But speaking from my own experiences with growing feminised cannabis seeds I can assure you that when they’re properly produced, using these seed types will not only save you time, it will also save you money. Time saved is equated to money saved in respect to gardening cannabis. Making use of feminised cannabis seeds in your garden as opposed to regular cannabis seeds eliminates the need for sexing the plants, which saves you time. For instance, if you successfully germinate five feminised cannabis seeds you now know the seedlings will mature into five female plants. As opposed to when you germinate an equal amount of regular cannabis seeds and have to wait for all of the seedlings to mature and begin to produce flowers before you can get rid of the male plants. And that’s only if you’re lucky enough or have the right amount of experience to successfully germinate any female plants at all. (The common percentage rate for germinating regular cannabis seeds into male plants as opposed to females is approximately 50 percent, all depending on the conditions in which they’re germinated under.) And as I mentioned before, a feminised cannabis seed is merely a clone in a shell, so this attribute in addition removes the guess work involved with choosing the best phenotype(s) among the crop because the breeder has done that for you via a scrupulous selection process that weeds out (pun most likely intended) the less than stellar performers leaving you with only the cream of the crop. My belief is that feminised cannabis seeds are not only great for those new to gardening cannabis, but they’re also a practical option for those advanced gardeners that enjoy a wide variety in their garden but don’t have the time or space to mess with regular cannabis seeds. It’s been said that diversity makes life more interesting, and gardening with feminised cannabis seeds makes it possible to explore more strains than ever you’ve thought possible, as opposed to cultivating with regular cannabis seeds. Be sure to shop our assortment of feminised cannabis seeds in order to bring some multiplicity into your garden space