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The Dutch have a whole other meaning for the words feminised skunk seeds, then cannabis fans from the rest of the world. When you’re speaking about Skunk in Holland, you are actually talking about a very special cannabis strain. As opposed to the more general meaning of good marijuana, that the word Skunk has in the rest of the world. The strain Skunk has been in Holland for almost four decades, making it one of the first high class cannabis strains that made Dutch cannabis famous. Skunk was named Skunk because it was one of the very first cannabis strains with an extremely strong, pungent aroma. Before Skunk, people used to call weed grass if you know what I mean!

Feminised Skunk Seeds

This striped skunk has a strong smell too, but not the kind we’re looking for!

Wonderful Feminised Skunk Seeds

Cannabis connoisseurs have been enjoying themselves with Skunk since the seventies and still do so today. Skunk has always been very popular and not without reason. Smokers love it’s strong aroma whilst growers love its extremely high yields and its ease of growing. In fact, a lot of the high class seeds available today, have Skunk genes in them. If you add up the advantages of Skunk, like its huge yields, its fabulous flavor and its ease of growing, to the the big advantage of feminized seeds, you really have something wonderful in hands: feminised skunk seeds!

Indoor Feminised Skunk seeds

We have a number of beautiful feminized skunk seeds in our collection that are a crossbreed with Skunk plants. Take our Crystal White for instance, it’s a crossbreed between a White Widow and a Super Skunk, making it an extremely high yielding plant with a lot of growers convenience. As a matter of fact, the Skunk influence makes our Crystal White one of our biggest yielding plants.

Crystal White

Our Crystal White is a cross with Super Skunk which makes this strain extremely high yielding and high in THC.

Outdoor Feminised Skunk Seeds

Our Super Skunk is highly resistant to mold and fungi and can deliver enormous yields of pungent, sticky buds outdoor as well! While this strains was originally developed as an indoor strain, we have seen growers in many different regions harvest beautiful Super Skunk plants outdoor. Keep in mind that this strain finishes her flowering period early to mid October, making her less suitable for regions with a higher latitude.

Order Your Feminised Skunk Seeds

As you can see, Skunk is still a very special and lucrative plant. It’s not for nothing that the Skunk genes can be found in many award-winning and world famous cannabis strains.Besides the two strains that I described above, we have many other special Skunk varieties in our collection. Order, and also take advantage of the great features that feminised skunk seeds have to offer.