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They are the biggest thing in weed world: feminized cannabis seeds. Seeds from which only female plants grow! Of course we have an extensive line of excellent feminized cannabis seeds as well. And to your convenience we’ve put them all together in our gold line. All seeds in this collection are feminized. So if you are looking for first-class feminized cannabis seeds then look no further, but check out our gold line!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds And Genetics

Normally, seeds grow in the female flowers (buds) after pollination with male pollen. In this process, the male pollen determines the gender of the newly grown seeds. And because the male pollen contains both a male and a female chromosome (XY) the chances for female seeds are about 50 percent, just as much as the chances are for male seeds.

However, female cannabis plants have a very special ability: they are capable of changing gender in order to reproduce themselves when circumstances call for it. In other words: they can make pollen too, and the difference is that their pollen only contain female chromosomes (XX), thus only reproducing female seeds.

Feminzed Cannabis Pollen

Feminized Cannabis Pollen

How Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Made?

If we want to make feminized cannabis seeds, we should stress a female plant into making male flowers and pollen. Stressing can be done in various ways but the most common method is to spray the plant with a special acid. Pollinating other female plants with this pollen will result in feminized cannabis seeds.

Colloidal silver for making feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized Cannabis Pollen

50% More Yield With Feminized Cannabis Seeds!

By using feminized cannabis seeds instead of regular cannabis seeds, you save yourself the trouble of identifying and removing male plants in time to avoid unwanted pollination. Because all of the plants you grow are female you never have to eliminate half of them, resulting in 50 percent more yield than if you were growing with regular seeds!

Our Gold Line: Only Feminized Cannabis Seeds!

As mentioned before, we have conveniently put all of our feminized cannabis seeds together in our gold line. We didn´t only called it gold because they are female seeds, but also because they are all outstanding cannabis strains which have proven themselves over and over again. Legendary classics such as AK, Bubblegun, Jack F1, Neville’s Haze, Northern Lights, Super Skunk and much more. But also a number of great outdoor strains, such as the Gold Rush Outdoor, a beautiful, sativa dominant strain with a delicious flavour that is ready to harvest as soon as the beginning of September!

Our gold line contains much more excellent feminized cannabis seeds, so be sure to check it out!