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This time we’re going to show you how to germinate marijuana seeds. We produce the highest quality of marijuana seeds at Spliff. We do this with the utmost care, love and precision and because we like to see our children fare well after they have left the parental home so to speak, we are going to teach you about four different methods of germinating.

Germinating marijuana seeds directly into the ground

Germinating Marijuana Seeds method 1

It’s mother nature’s way and it might be the simplest way to germinate marijuana seeds. Advantage to this approach is that you can not damage the roots when planting the seeds in the ground, simply because the seed is already in the ground. Put the seeds about a quarter of an inch in the soil. They will hatch after three to seven days. The soil should be sufficiently moist during germination, that’s why I always wrap a bit of cling film over the pot during the first three days to make sure that the top layer of soil does not dry out.

Germinating marijuana seeds between moist cotton pads

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Method 2

Many growers have been germinating their marijuana seeds with great success like this for years: between two layers of moist cotton wool. Cotton pads are easy but you can use bits of regular cotton wool as well. Put your marijuanan seeds in between two moistened cotton pads. Some breeders prefer to germinate their seeds in the dark so they put the cotton wool pads in between two saucers, you can try this but it is not necessary. Check the moisture of the cotton wool daily, they shouldn’t be too wet but certainly not too dry. Once you can see the little white root coming out, put the seed – with the root pointing downwards! – in the (seed and cutting) compost. Keep the seedling nice and moist in the beginning and don’t add any fertilizer yet.

Germinating marijuana seeds in a glass of water

Germinating Marijuana Seeds Method 3

Some say it’s the fastest way to germinate marijuana seeds: in a glass of water. If you want to try it out, use water at room temperature and check up on your seeds closely, as soon as you can see the very first little root coming out, you should put it in the (seed and cutting) compost. Refresh the water daily.

Germinating marijuana seeds in a propagator

Germinating marijuana seeds in a propagator

The last method requires the use of some hardware: a propagator and some rockwool cubes. A propagator is like a miniature greenhouse and rockwool cubes are little cubes of rockwool, we use them to germinate our marijuana seeds in, they can be bought at every professional grow shop but NEVER get rock wool at the DIY store! The big advantage of a propagator is the ability to regulate temperature and humidity. Water the rockwool cubes well and put the marijuana seeds on top, one seed per plug. Leave the seedlings in the propagator until they are about three to five inches before putting them into larger pots.

Good luck germinating your seeds. With this germinating tips and Spliff’s viable marijuana seeds germinating will be a great success every time!