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Controlling the pungent smell of cannabis that can emit from indoor gardens is an important aspect to ponder when putting together your grow space. This video explains how utilizing an activated carbon filter that’s paired with the proper sized fan can help eliminate said odours quite effectively, just as we’ve described on our blog about cannabis smell.

Even if you reside in an area that has laws allowing the cultivation of this amazing plant, managing the smell of ripening cannabis will help keep nosey neighbours at bay and will also ensure that would-be crop robbers can’t locate your garden via the stench of a heady strain of cannabis. Although there are other options available to help control cannabis odours emitting from your grow space, the use of an activated carbon filter setup is not only the most common selection among both hobbyist and professional gardeners, it’s also proven to be the most effective method. Gardeners can also keep their indoor garden odours to a minimum by choosing a strain of cannabis that produces a subtle smell when in the flowering stage of growth, like our Bubblegun or Polm Gold.

And just as the cultivator in this video points out, there are two different ways that an activated carbon filter setup can be used in your grow space. You can either set the system up to where the fan pulls the air through the filter and out of the grow space. Or you can arrange it to where the air goes through the filter in a recirculation manner and never leaves the grow room. The first setup is known as an ‘inline’ system, and the second option is referred to as an air ‘polishing’ unit. Be sure to check out the next video in line about what size carbon filter setup you’ll need in order to effectively control the cannabis odours emitting from your indoor grow space.