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 In this Video you will see one of our outdoor strains Gold Rush, grown till she is purple and swollen with fat Diesel aromatic smelling buds. This outdoor strain is a hybrid of Polm Gold x Purple Power x Afghani. She is 85% Sativa and grows big and dense as you will see.

Planted into the ground in a field, you will see many of these plants grown to full size and maturity. You will see how the plant canopy becomes dense and bushy, as this heavy yielding strain prepares to flower. During flowering you can see how the Purple Power influence turns the plants a shade of light purple. As you will see in this video, there is not a lot of sun in the pictures as Gold Rush performs extremely well in all conditions. She is mould resistant and a strong hardy plant that once established will produce big dense frosty buds. An excellent choice from Spliff Seeds outdoor strains, as this one is ideal for beginners to expert growers.

The high of this strain is very relaxing and calming. With medium THC levels, this is a fantastic tasty strain for any smoker. Thanks to the influence from the Polm Gold, you get resinous dense buds and the Purple Power blends the taste together making this one a true delight to smoke. In total this grower ended up with 340 grams off just 1 plant. If this strain looks interesting to you we advise you to have a look also ad our other outdoor strains in our seedshop.