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Growing Fast Bud and Gold Rush Outdoor Part 3

In this video, we show the progress of our Fast Bud Outdoor and Gold Rush Outdoor female cannabis seeds as we prepare to chop the plants down in order to begin the drying process. Please note that this video isn’t a tutorial explaining how to cultivate cannabis. The objective of this video is to give viewers an idea about how these particular cannabis strains should appear once fully matured and ready for harvest.

Gold Rush

The Gold Rush Outdoor Female Cannabis Seeds strain is 85 percent Sativa. This strain finishes up fairly fast thanks in part to her genetic background. The genotype for Gold Rush is a cross of our faithful Polm Gold x Purple Power x Afghan, which makes for a strong plant that produces burly branches loaded with dense buds. She reached a final height of 1 meter and 85 centimetres in what we would consider a moderately petite size container at a mere 15 litres. As you can see in the video, we merely flushed our plants’ root systems out by feeding them plain water for the last days (7 to 14 days) of her lifespan. Doing so allows for any residual nutrient or fertilizer salts to be washed away leaving us with nice, clean cannabis that will burn clean once completely dried and properly cured. The Gold Rush strain was allowed to grow for approximately 28 weeks before she got the axe and was hung to dry out.

Fast Bud

The Fast Bud Outdoor Female Cannabis Seeds strain is 90 percent Sativa. This strain is also an early finisher as a result of her parent’s genetics. The genotype for Fast Bud is a selective cross of Early Pearl x Mexican Sativa x Californian Sativa. We let this girl run for approximately 28 weeks before we decided to break out the pruning shears and take her down to start the process of drying her out. Our Fast Bud plant reached an impressive height of approximately 2 meters and 25 centimetres, which was grown in the same size container as the Gold Rush. As you can see in the video, the Fast Bud’s root formation was equally as impressive as that of the Gold Rush strain, which shows that both strains could have easily produced even more harvest weight if they were planted in containers of a larger size. You know what they say, “more root means more fruit”.