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Growing Marijuana Indoors by Green Closet In this easy to watch educational video, Green Closet from the states presents a close to 23 minute mixed media video in which he talks you through the fundamentals of growing Cannabis. The aim of this video is to thoroughly educate the bedroom grower and explain the way to achieve a 2-6 plants closet grow in a space of 0,5-1 m2. This video is really made for people who are new to growing and wish to learn the relevant steps at a professional level. As a new grower the idea of growing in the safety and privacy of your own bedroom is one to dream about.

Green Closet talks you through the 7 stages of successfully growing. The stages are ‘ Grow Medium, Ventilation, Growth Stages, Cloning, Transplanting, Lighting and Harvest. Grab a pen and paper and take notes as each section that is explained is around 3.5 minutes each and with home made diagrams and videos and pictures. Anyone can follow this video and learn a lot at the same time.

The first part explained is ‘ Grow Medium ‘. In this part of the video, you will see the difference and importance in soil, fertiliser, water and pot sizes. Green Closet advises what not to buy and what is preferred. Also simplifies what fertilizer is and when to water and why. The next part is ‘ Ventilation ‘ where the importance and benefit of CO2, humidity and temperature are explained. New growers must learn about this side and here we see each factor clearly explained. Green Closet next talks about ‘ Growth Stages ‘ from seedlings and germinating to the vegetative stage, through to flowering and what everything should look like and so on. There is even an animated sketch on how to germinate your seeds and which ones to use.

 Cloning ‘ is next on the list and you are clearly shown with live plants how this is done. On top of the cloning part, there is a part on ‘ Transplanting ‘ as the video explains the right way to do and why. ‘ Lighting ‘ is next and Green Closet breaks down 4 different types of lighting, from commercial lighting to High Intensity Discharge ( H.I.D ). Some science is explained and Kelvins and Lumens are talked about so you can be more familiar with scientific terminology, such as Kelvin Rating and energy consumption.

Next is ‘ Harvest ‘ and what is usually the most important part. Here you will see how to trim cannabis buds and hang to dry. Green Closet explains when the time to chop your plants is right and compares with pictures of ripe plants. Overall, a simple and easy to follow video that openly asks for feedback and advice at the end. If you are new to growing then this video is ideal for you and your friends!

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