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People often find it difficult to choose the right strain to fit their needs. With so many different varieties, it quickly becomes a hassle to buy marijuana seeds, especially for beginners. Award winners, THC and CBD levels, early or late flowering, feminized, and what’s the effect? Before you know it, it becomes a big blur. Time for a clear explanation.

What To Keep In Mind When You Buy Marijuana Seeds?

All of the different varieties have their own characteristics. When choosing, you should first take the growing conditions in account. If you are going to grow outside for instance, choose a strain that has a good resistance against mold. Or if you have limited space, take a smaller variety. Besides growing conditions, when you buy marijuana seeds you can also consider things like flowering time, effect, flavor and much more.

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Buy Marijuana Seeds: Sativa Or Indica?

When it comes to cannabis, there’s one clear distinction to make: Sativa and Indica plants. Two different types of cannabis, each having their own origin in different parts of the world. Each with their own unique characteristics. Sativa’s are much less compact than Indica’s and also need more flowering time. They produce less leaves and the leaves are also narrower than those from Indica plants. Sativa’s make up for the large stretched size and long flowering period with their delicious flavor and energetic, uplifting high. As mentioned, Indica’s are more compact plants, with more and broader leaves. They are generally easier to grow and the effect is rather stoned than high. Virtually all strains are a mixture of Sativa’s with Indica’s.

I Want To Buy Marijuana Seeds, But What Flavor?

Our different cannabis strains each have their own flavor. Some even have a sweet, sometimes fruity, or candy-like aroma. Try out some of the different varieties in a coffeeshop to see what flavor you prefer.

How To Buy Marijuna Seeds?

At Spliffseeds you’ll find all our strains with a description of their characteristics and also the percentage of Indica/Sativa influence. This way you can easily buy marijuana seeds that completely fulfill your sense of taste and wishes!