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We will only discuss our preferred method of germinating a cannabis seed. Place two sheets of kitchen paper in between two plates (one upside down on top of the other).

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

This is to avoid any light from entering. Cannabis seeds when germinating should not be exposed to light. Put the seeds in between the two sheets of kitchen paper and moisten both papers.

Use a spraycan with lukewarm water to moisten them and keep the sheets moist continuously. Check if the seeds are moist enough and to see if there’s any progress twice a day. Morning and night. Keep the seeds in a warm and dark place, where the room temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees centigrade. If you germinate cannabis seeds they will usually sprout after approximately 2 to 3 days. This is when the seed shell will crack open and a white root will appear. Hence the seedling is born.

Germinate Cannabis Seeds: The Root

Jiffy Tablet

Don’t wait too long with placing the seedling in small plant container, pitpot, jiffy tablet or rockwool plug. When germinating cannabis seeds don’t make the root to long as the risk of damaging the root is greater. Make a small hole for the seedling to go in, root facing downwards, and leave the head of the seedling (the seed Shell) just beneath the soil’s surface (2-3 mm). Cover the seedling lightly so no light will directly pass onto the root. Moisten the soil with a spraycan using lukewarm water. You can also add a startbooster or rootstimulator to the water. And again, check your seedlings twice a day. Try to keep a constant temperature of around 26-27 degrees.

Germinate Cannabis Seeds: Humidity

Humidity is essential for the growth of a seedling, especially for the root development. So keep the humidity over 80% during the first days. With solid root development the plant will become strong and healthy, because she will be able to soak up lots of nutrients. Use a small progator with perlite or and water in it to get the humidity to where you want it to be. You can also cover the pot with plastic cling foil to get humidity up. Do punch a few holes in the plastic cling foil. Otherwise it will become too moist and you will see mould formation. For a propagator you will need to open the airvents on the side every now and again to prevent mould formation on the substrate. If you keep a constant temperature and the humidity right the seeds will sprout quicker. With regular seeds a seedling will determine its gender in the first three hours above the surface. And if you get the humidity and temperature right (and steady) it will favourably influence the percentage of female plants with regular seeds. So getting the growing conditions right at that stage is crucial when growing regular seeds. It is, off course, also very important for the optimal growth of a seedling from feminized seed.


During this growth stage (as mentioned before preferably in propagator) the plant requires 18 hours of light to grow. Unless you grow a Sativa dominant strain or when using rockwool to grow please put them under continuous light. To keep Sativa’s from skyrocketing put them under continuous light during the growing stage. As for seedlings in a rockwool plug they require continuous light to prevent them from stretching and become like spaghetti. Preferably use a tl 33 lamp (white light) or a propagator lamp to grow the cannabis seeds at this stage. After about a week with the seedling having reached a height of between 5 to 10 cm, you can transplant the seedling into a bigger pot. You can now move them under a HPS lamp or leave them growing under your TL lamp. When using light mix you don’t need to add nutrients for the first 3 to 4 weeks of your grow as the soil is already fertilized. With rockwool you will have to use nutrients straight away as this substrate holds no nutrients. In any case, use as little as possible nutrients during the growing stage. The more often you germinate cannabis seeds do more succefull you will get.