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In this video Dr B talks the growers through how to Lollipop their plants and get the most out of their canopy. Using 2 plants roughly 6 weeks into the vegetative stage, Dr B removes the lower ⅓ of the lowest part of the canopy upwards. It is a good idea to keep the lower branches that you remove as clones otherwise dispose of the unwanted lower branches.

Lollipopping is great for growers who grow in a Scrog scenario. Usually you would remove everything from underneath the screen. The grower explain it may look like an unnecessary amount to take off, yet an Apple tree would benefit from the same technique. The benefits of removing the lower canopy in such a way, is to promote growth to only the upper canopy, allow for better air circulation and also kicks in the plants defenses against any pathogens that may have caused problems. This technique is excellent for improving the health and sturdiness of your plant and the size of the main cola; lollipopping your cannabis plant will generally improve your yield.