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In this short video by High Times David Lipton, the owner of Advanced Grow Labs, shows you a very professional operation in his own facility. Advanced Grow Labs are responsible for producing some of the best flowers and edibles available to medical marijuana users in the States. We start the tour in the vegging room, where T5 CFL lighting is used to grow young seedlings. We continue with the flowering room, where the plants flower under HPS light. The plants you see are grown on a simple drip irrigation recirculation system and grown in coco, which is an inert substrate. David Lipton then explains how this system is replicated on a commercial scale.

After they showcase the different strains they have growing in different rows, you will see the drying room at this facility and how the team at Advanced Grow Labs dry their buds. They start by hanging harvested plants for 10-14 days then, after a trim, they enter the secondary drying room where the buds are totally trimmed and dry. Each strain is dried individually, after which the buds are labelled with harvest dates and strain info. Another side of this lab operation is how they make extracts and edibles for medical patients. In this video they prepare a chocolate chip cookie mixture with 20-40 mg of oil and explain the effects of Marijuana.

This video gives you an insight into the production of medical Marijuana and how serious finance is becoming involved in such operations. The success of Advanced Grow Labs is a great example of how a professional team can produce excellent results and maintain the highest standard in the process!