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Marijuana seeds come in three flavors

Are you looking for the best quality marijuana seeds? Look no further because we only sell the highest quality marijuana seeds that the world has to offer, right here at Spliff Seeds. We have an outstanding selection of top quality marijuana seeds which makes growers from around the world happy since 1995!

Bronze marijuana seedsSkunk-marijuana-seeds

Our seeds are divided into three categories: we have a bronze, a silver and a golden seed collection. The bronze collection of marijuana seed contains premium cannabis strains at a very competitive price, we have packages of cannabis seeds starting at € 9.90. Well known strains from our bronze collection are the Skunk No.1 and our very successful Dutch Automatic, a so called autoflowering strain that is ready to harvest within ten to eleven weeks. Be sure to check out our bronze collection of marijuana seeds, they are the best value seeds on the net!

marijuana seedsSilver marijuana seeds

Some of the most famous award winning strains inhabit our silver collection. Strains such as AK, Blue Berry, Jack F1, Northern Light, White Widow, Super Skunk and many more. The collection of marijuana seeds is huge; if you can’t find your appropriate strain here, then you might as well forget about it! Have a look in our silver collection if you want to find the marijuana seeds you were looking for.

Golden marijuana seedsPower Plant Marijuana Seeds

The cream of the crop in terms of marijuana seeds, can be found in our gold collection. Top strains that you can only find in the best coffeeshops like Neville's Haze and Crystal White. But with one big advantage: these seeds are all feminized. Feminized seeds are seeds that only produce female plants. So you can save yourself the trouble of identifying and removing male plants before the flowering starts and go relax at the beach instead! Order your feminized marijuana seeds from our gold collection if you want to grow some serious buds!

Blue Berry Marijuana SeedsOrder marijuana seeds online

It doesn’t matter which Spliff seeds you choose, you're always good. The quality of the seeds is excellent, the price is sharp and delivery is fast. Ordering is very simple, once you placed the  seeds of your choice into your shopping cart, you just fill in the info required for delivery. The marijuana seeds are being shipped immediately after payment.

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