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In this video you will see the results of a very extensive breeding programme that was worked on, to bring the heavyweight Medical Kush Automatic Grown under L.E.D, this grower delivers 131.5 grams of an over powering and pungent mound of flowers. The genetics of this strain are Medical Kush x Dutch Automatic bringing a kushy aroma with a background of Skunk. The name tells all and this grower is more than happy with the pain relief and high CBD content. This variety is a 70% Indica with lineage from Pakistan Chitrali and Skunk.

Grown in a 9L pot and left under an L.E.D and left till the harvest time of 70 days, the plants begin the first 21 days growing short and stocky. Notice how the side branches are dominant and by week 5, the Medical Kush Automatic is really vibrant and has a super healthy vigour. The smells in the grow tent are lemony kushy, with a sweet kerosene gas like smell. This smells like a very potent variety and so far looks extremely productive. The hairs are a dark orange whilst the buds are silver all over.The smoker can enjoy a sharp lemony taste with a dank kush aroma mixed in. A highly stable strain and uniform and very productive.

Off one plant in 70 days, this grower produces a huge harvest of narcotic medical buds, with a perfect blend of CBD to THC. Enjoy the video and feel free to leave comments, or to browse through any of our other growing marijuana videos.