Medical Marijuana Bubblegun Test

Analisis medical marijuana strain Bubblegun

We have had our second strain tested, the Bubblegun, and below you will find the results. This Medical Marijuana Strains has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks with a ferocious growing stage, which results in her reaching a height of 1,00-1,20 metres. The buds are tight and bulging, greasy and highly resinous. She is of a lightgreen color with narrow, serrated fingers that are widely set apart. Both are definite Sativa traits. That this is a Sativa dominant strain was confirmed by the test. The botanical test showed that Bubblegun contains Cryptics 1,3 and 4 bevat. These are Sativa markers. The DNA fingerprint of the Bubblegun was compared with all the known chemotypes and the conclusion is that this strain is a cross between the chemotypes WW/PP and CBC-Haze. This DNA fingerprint is based on the measured percentages of each of the cannabinoids.

Present cannabinoids in our medical marijuana strain: Bubblegun

It was B Class  sample qualitywise. If it had been an A grade sample than obviously the THC percentage as well as the percentages of other cannabinoids would have been higher. The present cannabinoids were cryptic 1,cryptic 3, cryptic 4, THC, THCV, CBG en CBC.

photo of medical marijuana strain bubblegunTHC:16,1% (low for this chemotype)

THCV:0,1% (normal)

CBG:0,1% (normal)

CBC:0,1% (normal)

Interpretation of medical marijuana Bubblegun

The results of the analisis of this  strain can be interpreted like this. Based on the THC % and the presence of the Sativa markers (Sativa dominant characteristics) cryptics 1, 3 and 4 as well as the sativa pigmentation (color) of the sample of medical marijuana leads to the conclusion that this is a Sativa dominant strain.  The cannabinoid fingerprint with the presence of THC paired with CBC leads to the qualification of a chemo-genotype WWx CBC-Haze.

Effect medical marijuana strain: Bubblegun

Based on this analisis we can give solid advice regarding  Medical Benefits of Cannabis to dispensaries in the US. These dispensaries can provide medical marijuana to patients that have a Medical Marijuana Card. The relatively medium THC %, low CBG content and low CBC % will result in a fast appearing and strongly activating, clear headbuzz in low dosage. Because of the low contents of both CBG and CBC the headbuzz will be immediately felt as a THC high and will only turn into a bodybuzz indica effect with higher dosages (>1gr).

Therapeutical properties of medical marijuana strain Bubblegun

Here's a summary of Benefits of Marijuana of our Bubblegun. As a strain it helps really well to diminish neuropathic pains (B+ klasse medium THC) significantly. In higher dosages the Bubblegun will stimulate appetite and will cause sleepiness (helpful with insomnia). When used for neuropathic pains you should preferably use method #1 (oral) or #2 (vaporizing) to get the best results.

Application methods of medical marijuana:

#1 Oral

#2 vaporizing

#3 joints (with tobacco, resulting in a more indica bodystone)

#4 pure joints

#5 whole trichome faction, as tea for instance

#6 editable (medibles made out of medical marijuana)

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