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The medical marijuana plant requires certain environmental conditions to thrive. The environmental conditions the medical marijuana plant requires are overall air quality, light, temperature, and humidity. The environmental conditions vary with each stage of growth and depend on the medical marijuana strains preference. Different varieties prefer different environmental conditions. Seed selection plays a role in the environmental conditions of the grow room. It is important to choose high quality genetics from a reputable seed bank such as Spliff Seeds. It’s always best to read the seed packet and research the strains and pay attention to the ideal environmental conditions the strains prefer on the seed company’s website.

Cannabis Plants With Heat Stress

Cannabis plants with heat stress.

Medical Marijuana Environmental Control

Overall air quality, temperature, humidity, and adequate light play an essential role in the overall health of the medical marijuana plant. With indoor gardening the biggest secret to success is environmental control. How do we control the environment indoors? Ventilation plays an important role in controlling the grow environments air quality and circulation along with temperature and humidity of the room. The right ventilation prevents things from going wrong like mildew and mold or too high of temperatures and humidity. An intake and outtake fan are required for adequate ventilation and air circulation in the grow room. It is advisable to place the intake fan at the bottom or floor of the grow room to blow in cool air. It is advisable to place the outtake fan on the ceiling or top of the grow room to suck out the hot air as heat rises. The right ventilation ensures air circulation.

Tent Air Circulation

Climate controllers are great for regulating ventilation and will kick on at certain temperatures and humidity. It would be a good idea to do some research on ventilation for your grow room it will save you time and money. It is advisable to have oscillating fans, which aid with air circulation and for stock training. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers can aid in regulating humidity in the grow room and they will kick on when humidity is to low or high. Measuring the relative humidity percentage is essential in every stage of the marijuana life cycle. Keep in mind humidity varies in what region you are growing in. It is essential to have hygrometers to keep track of humidity and to have thermostats to keep track of temperatures. It is best to keep temperatures stable between certain degrees and humidity between certain percentages.

“Medical marijuana plants growing at constant temperatures tend to grow stronger and thicker stems and tend to have denser buds than plants growing in inconsistent temperatures. Temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius plant growth slows.”

The right environment conditions also influence the gender of the plant. The right environment conditions will produce more female plants. Cooler temperatures tend to produce more male plants.

Medical Marijuana Germination Conditions

Most medical marijuana seeds germinate best at the temperature between 21-27 degrees Celsius with a high humidity around 80%. Certain varieties preferences differs a couple degrees. You can use fluorescent light such as a T-5 or CFL lights to germinate. The suggested hours of light for germination is 18/6 and some seeds prefer 24 hours of light.

how germinate medical cannabis seeds

Medical Marijuana Vegetative Conditions

In vegetative growth the medical marijuana plant prefers temperatures between 20-27 degrees Celsius. In the vegetative cycle humidity should never drop below 40%, suggested relative humidity is 65-70%. Some strains prefer 18/6 light schedule where others will thrive under 24 hours of light. Recommended lights for vegetative growth vary 400-600 watt per square meter with metal halide or high sodium pressure lights. Keep in mind HPS and MH lights each encourage a different kind of growth.

Medical Marijuana Flower Conditions

In order to flower a plant the lighting schedule needs to change to 12/12. After a few days of flowering hours the medical marijuana plant changes its growth pattern from vegetative growth to flower growth. It is advisable to use high sodium pressure lights. You also can use both high sodium pressure and metal halide together. Flowering plants prefer temperatures between 20-26 degrees Celsius. Buds like less humidity and in the beginning stages of flower buds prefer humidity around 60%. In the later stages of flower the medical marijuana plant prefers humidity around 45%.