Medical Marijuana test: Snow White

Medical Marijuana: Snowwhite, our first strain analyzed.

First strain of our medical marijuana strains to be tested was our Snow White. This medical marijuana strain is a fastflowering strain (8-9 weeks), compact (60 cm), very homogenous, productive and THC rich. Our Snow White is in appearance an Indica with a short length of around 60cm, ovalshaped broad leaves, of a darkgreen color and compact in stature. medical-marijuana-strain-snow-whiteSo we were really surprised to find out through laboratory analisis that it is indeed a Sativa dominant medical marijuana with Indica traits. The botanical test resulted in a DNA fingerprint, based on the cannabinoids and their respective ratios, of that of a CBG Haze x WW. This chemotype is a cross between the chemovars WW/PP (White Widow/ Power Plant are both sativa dominant) and chemovar CBG Haze (predominantly Indica). With the chemotype WW/PP clearly being dominant in the Snow White. We thought by crossing her with our NL Special (highly Indica dominant) and through selection over several generations of Indica dominant phenos we had come up with an Indica dominant monster. That's why we were surprised with the outcome. Upon further examination of this conclusion we could understand the outcome more clearly. Our Snow White descends from a White Widow (Sativa origin with a high level of THC) crossed with a Sativa dominant C'99 of Haze descent. The smell (earthy, mint with a touch of Haze) and the high a fastdeveloping powerful headbuzz also point to a Sativa heritage.

Present cannabinoids: in our medical marijuana Snow White

image of cannabinoid fingerprintWe provided the lab a B+ grade sample of medical marijuana. Would it have have been an A grade sample of medical marijuana then the percentages of the cannabinoids would have been slightly higher.

 CBD: 0,05% (extraordinary high for this chemotype) in the sample medical marijuana

THC: 16,7% (normal)

THCV: 0,05% (low)

CBG: 0,2% (relatively high)

CBC: 0,05% (low)

Testresults of medical marijuana Snow White

Here is the interpretation of the results of this medical marijuana grow. Based on the percentage of THC and the presence of Sativa markers (underlining Sativa dominance) cryptics 1,3 and 4 and the Sativa pigmentation of the flower in the sample of medical marijuana we are dealing with a Sativa dominante strain (chemotype: WW/PP). However, because of the high percentage of CBG and the presence of markers CBD and THCV we can conclude that this medical marijuana strain is chemotype of CBG-Haze (indica) x WW/PP.

Effect medical marijuana Snow White

Because of the relative high level THC paired with the high CBD level and low CBC and THCV you will encounter a fastdeveloping, powerful activating headbuzz. In higher dosage you will notice the effect will change into a more bodybuzz, indica effect. This is a result of the accumulation of CBG and the presence of CBD.

Therapeutical benefits of the medical marijuana strain: Snow White

Here a summary of the Medical Benefits of Marijuana of our Snow White. This medical marijuana strain is highly suitable to relieve symptoms of neuropathic pain, especially with a high dosage. Preferred method of administering the medication is by using oral/sublingual oil or vaporizing. If you use it like this it will help stimulate apetite and help you sleep. This test tells us exactly what Marijuana Medical Purpose the Snow White has, so we can provide accurate information to Medical marijuana Dispensaries.

Helps relieve symptoms of Crohn's disease and Colitis Ulcerosa (application methods #1, #2, #3 and #4). Helps with sleeping disorders thanks to the relatively high level of CBG (application methods #1, #2 and #3)

Image of herbal vaporizerApplication methods of medical marijuana:

#1 Oraal

#2 vaporizing

#3 joints (with tobacco) resulting in a more Indica high

#4 pure joints

#5 whole trichome faction in, for example, tea

#6 Edibles

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