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In this video you can see one of our biggest yielding strains: The Mega Power Plant! This ultimate indoor strain is named after its enormous yields. As a heavy weight hybrid of Northern Lights x O.G Kush x Power Plant this 70% sativa dominant also has excellent medicinal benefits. Works great against muscle spasms, chronic pain, muscular pain and back pain and is a very good reliever of stress and a lack of appetite. The Sativa influence makes this one high in THC and great for pain relief at the same time.

Berry Ryder grows these feminized cannabis seeds in Plagron Light mix and chooses to Scrog and tie his plants down using Low Stress Training. This strain is highly recommended for SCroG or Sea Of Green.The plants are vegged for 6 weeks and then flowered. After 1 week you will see the rate of growth is almost wild. After 8 weeks of flowering, you can see rock hard buds that are as thick as baseball bats! Completely covered in trichomes, this easy to grow plant packs a punch. Combined with monster yields and an easy trim, we believe this is one of the, if not the ultimate indoor strain.

The buds taste of a sweet Nepalese hash with soft fruity undertones. Perfect for the cash cropper and anyone who really wants monster yields of high grade sticky buds! In this case off 2 plants 160g and a total of 320g total yield.