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In this video from The Weed Nerd, TC catches up with Kyle Kushman working in his grow room. Kyle has been growing since 1989 and has been well established in the veganics world. Kyle Kushman talks you through some of his techniques and gives you the tour of his veganic garden. The first technique that you will see is the ‘monopole technique‘, where you tie several branches to the same stick, after which you tie the other branches to the supported branches for support, it is a simple method that leads to well scaffolded plants. Another reason for this is to maximize light penetration and to ensure optimum growth.

Next Kyle gives you his advice on properly drying and curing Cannabis Buds. He goes into detail explaining how curing is an art and that there is a difference between leaving buds sitting in a jar and correctly curing them. This is due to a natural process in which aerobic bacteria consume chlorophyll. Next you will see some Strawberry Cough plants that have grown over 2 meters tall and need staking and tying for support. Spliff Strawberry is a hybrid of Strawberry Cough and you hear Kyle Kushman say it is the only thing he smokes. He then explains how he customised his nutrients to accommodate vegans and how he created his own veganic line.