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Afghan Regular Cannabis Seeds
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Afghan Reguliere Wiet Zaden

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Afghan Regular Cannabis Seeds100% pure Indica.  Genotype:  Afghani Kush IBL. Hashish aroma and earthy, fruity flavor. Short plant. Easy to grow. Easy to trim. Medicinal plant. Medicinal value: nausea, insomnia and muscle spasms. Narcotic Indica Buzz. Potential THC level high. Our Afghan originates from Northern Afghanistan, close to the border of Tajikistan. It is a 100% pure Indica landrace with a high level of THC. By inbreeding her we were able to improve stability and to cut down the height. To make her more suitable for indoor growing. Afghan is highly tolerant to irrigation and fertilization.  Seeds will usually rise above ground within 3 to 4 days. There is little to no variation between individual phenos, especially when it comes to yield. The main buds are stretched, thick and solid. Side buds are also solid, but small and few in numbers. Afghan has a good flower to leaf ratio.  She has very few leaves, but lots of calyxes covered in trichomes. She is therefore easy to trim.When grown to fruition she smells like grade quality Afghani hashish.  Afghan has a sweet, fruity and earthy flavor. And her high has a typical narcotic, Indica buzz. Medicinal value: nausea, insomnia and spasms.Details:

Suited for: Indoor (I) Outdoor (E) zone B/C
Flowering: I) 8-9 weeks E) October / november
Plant height: I) 0.50-0.80 m E) 2.00-2.50 m
Yield: I) 400 gr/m² E) 300-400 gr/plant
Difficulty: Easy

Growing with cannabis seeds has numerous benefits, like: healthier, more resistant plants, no insects, better growth and better yields. In a number of countries you are allowed to grow cannabis. Buy cannabis seeds and possession of these seeds has been legalized in several countries over the years, Chile recently passed laws for seeds tob e allowed to be sold as souvenirs.


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