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In this short video presented by hall of famer Jorge Cervantes, we look at the difference in strains ranging through old school strains to modern day hybrids. Jorge Cervantes talks through the differences in plant size, smell, structure, leaf pattern and yield.

The first strain Jorge looks at is the old school Santa Maria originating from Colombia. He says if you’re around 50 years old you will certainly remember this strain. In terms of yield in comparison to a Purple Bud x Blackberry hybrid, you see the big difference in strains.

Next you see Sativa strains, Jack hybrids and Haze hybrids. You also see a Santa Maria x Blue Cheese and the plant is a sturdier producer than the first one you see. In this video Jorge Cervantes walks you through a garden with many strains in uniform rows outdoors, so you can see in comparison with the line of strains the variation through breeding. A brilliant short video present by a master of Cannabis showcasing the variety of modern day Cannabis.