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Ordering Cannabis Seeds for Your First Grow

When it comes to growing the highest grade marijuana, first know that anyone can do it if they do their homework, dedicate the necessary amount of time and energy to daily grow operation chores and set up the proper environment for the plants to thrive.

Though it doesn’t take a scientist or an engineer to set up a grow, gaining experience before branching out on your own helps to prepare yourself to produce the best crops. Try spending time volunteering for a friend that has a grow and is willing to help you learn a few things about the business in exchange for your labor. A good grow friend is invaluable, as you will learn when preparing your grow room.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when ordering cannabis seeds. How much space do you have to work with? Do you want to have a perpetual harvest? How much money do you have for getting a light, ballasts, bulbs, nutrients, ordering cannabis seeds and buying soil and pots? Can you find used supplies and is there a grow warehouse nearby to get nutrients and supplies? Do you have a dedicated area for cloning/seedling germination, vegetative growth and flowering? How much time and effort are you willing to put into your grow?

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All our orders are shipped within 24 hours after receiving the payment.

Whether you’re a first-time home gardener or an experienced grower, you’ll likely be ordering cannabis seeds from the same sources: online retailers with lots of variety and prices you can afford.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Average Joe or an old professional; nearly everyone comes to the internet in search of the strains they want but can’t find locally. Super producers with high THC and CBD counts, exotic strains no one you know has ever tried before and phenotypes that produce black, blue, purple, confetti colors or golden buds are all available with the touch of a finger.

While the temptation to impulse buy is strong, take a step back from the computer and assess your situation before you click that order now button. Make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row and you’re ready to germinate as soon as the package arrives before ordering cannabis seeds from your provider. It’ll save you a lot of time, frustration and money later.

Without a doubt, you’re going to need to do a lot of researching and contemplating before ordering cannabis seeds for the first time. Put a significant amount of time into your research and purchase the supplies you need before you make a seed purchase. Understand PH levels, nutrient needs according to strain, medium choices, equipment choices, lighting, wall covering, ventilation requirements, CO2 balance, floor covering and more. There is a lot of information out there that can help you get big yields in small places. It just takes a few minutes to find it and read it.

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Ordering Cannabis Seeds Based Upon Space Restrictions

Many home growers start out in a shed, a few 12 liter pots, composted soil and a light. These are rough grow rooms without any luxury. They’re not fabulous, technical or particularly impressive, but they get the job done. This is what many of us need for our first grows. Don’t go overboard building a greenhouse just yet. Learn how to grow the plant and troubleshoot issues that arise first.

Ordering cannabis seeds that won’t get too tall is imperative. One of the worst mistakes you can make with your first grow is bring in strains that simply get too big for the grow room. If the plants get too large, they’ll choke each other out, get burned on the light, and attract insects and many other problems.

Remember that plants can triple in size during the first two weeks of flowering. So, work on finding short to medium-height plants that you can easily train to bush outward using FIM, LST and HST training methods. Try a shorter, bushier strain, such as Spliff Seed’s Blue Medi Kush. These plants are limited to a height of 40 to 70 cm: perfect for smaller rooms.

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Ordering Cannabis Seeds Based Upon Flowering Time

Are you in a hurry, or do you have a schedule to keep? Is someone waiting on this crop to arrive? If so, you’d better take a very close look at the flowering times of each strain you’re planning to order. Some plants will automatically go into flower within a certain number of weeks after germination, no matter how much light it gets. These plants are crossed with the cannabis ruderalis strain, which allows the plants to produce fruit on a predictable schedule.

Many hydroponics growers and inexperienced growers who are planning on ordering cannabis seeds choose these varieties because they are generally very easy to grow and are 25 percent stronger than clones. Additionally, these seeds are far less likely to develop hermaphroditism. Ruderalis hybrids sometimes yield slightly less bud than their photosensitive cousins, so expect that to happen before ordering cannabis seeds.

Two of the best-rated, strongest, highest yielding auto-flowering strains for indoor grows with limited space are Spliff Seed’s White Widow Automatic and AK Automatic. These two strains will make your limited-space grow well worth the money. Budding sites are compact and the plants are bushy and lush, meaning you get more bud per square meter.

Regular and feminized seeds are great for most growers with experience and time to dedicate to their craft. These strains are photosensitive, meaning they only go into flower when they get less than 12.5 hours of daylight every day. Ordering cannabis seeds that are regular or feminized leave you with more strain and characteristic choices than choosing auto-flowering varieties, which is excellent for experienced growers with discriminating tastes.

Regular and feminized varieties can be left to vegetate for months at a time so they become very large, bushy and strong. These plants normally sit in the veg room under an 18/6 light cycle to promote rapid growth. Then, the grower will force the plants into a 12/12 light cycle, where they will flower and produce super-high-yielding crops.

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Stealth shipping is possible on request.

By farming this way, buds can get so big that branches can break under their own weight. This can be good or bad, depending upon your goals. When ordering cannabis seeds, be sure to look for yield information on seed bank repositories so you don’t end up with a plant that just won’t work in your room. Also, take into consideration how much flowering time each crop needs, as this affects timing with perpetual harvests. Flowering times are listed for each strain at our seedshop site.

The plants that are known to produce 600 or more grams of marijuana per square meter and are labeled as “tall” are ideal for extended vegetation cycles and cooler night time temperatures. Lower yielding plants with short or medium height expectations are appropriate for secret gardens in backyard sheds. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, but are easy to hide in plain sight in a backyard hedgerow. Their growth is easier to control in indoor gardens too.

If you want an easy first-time crop, the following strains are all easy to grow: AK regular, Afghan regular, Master Kush regular, Super Skunk regular, AK female, Mega Power Plant female and Super Skunk female. Consider ordering cannabis seeds that have a reputation for being easy to grow, drought and cold hearty and don’t require a lot of extra nutrients, like Gold Rush and White Widow. Low maintenance is best, at first. Throughout the flagship grow, observe and analyze everything you can about the growth process.

A Special Note about Ordering Cannabis Seeds Safely

As we all know, cannabis is illegal in many nations across the world. Laws vary by country, province and state. Check your local laws before purchasing seeds and understand that you are ordering at our own risk.

Try not to use your growing address as your mailing address if you are growing in a country where it is illegal. To avoid detection, ask for stealth shipping on all orders being mailed to countries with restrictive cannabis laws.

When passing through customs, it is possible that your seeds can be detected and confiscated. We have never heard of any legal action being taken against those who get caught ordering seeds, beyond confiscation of the contraband seeds. Legal authorities most likely will not prosecute you in a court of law.

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In short, ordering cannabis seeds online isn’t as risky as you might think. While an evaluation of the space and funds you have to start your grow, you can order with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best seeds for your needs. If you need more guidance or information about ordering cannabis seeds, browse through the Spliff Seeds website or contact us today.